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Chair's Welcome


Humanity nowadays relies on computers more than ever. Digital systems are integrated in every aspect of man's everyday -life. From the simple credit-card purchase transaction in the grocery store to sending a rocket to the moon, computer systems carry the smartness and logic behind that wide range of applications to serve the human being. If you are interested to explore how those systems are working, participate in technology development and invent the next generation of digital systems Welcome to the Department of Computer Engineering! 


Our offered degree programs are preparing you to be updated about and also to participate in developing cutting edge technology. Our alumni are attractive heads for hunting by the top technology companies such as Intel, IBM Apple, and Amazon. They are also pioneers in start-up company establishments. On the level of graduate studies, our alumni have acquired degrees in top universities like the University of Toronto, the University of California San Diego, and the University of Sydney, to name a few.


As a chair, it is an honour to lead such a team of aspiring researchers including our faculty members as well as our graduate students. The Department of Computer Engineering is a leading department in research in the University of Sharjah. We are contributing substantially to the activities of the Cyber Security and Data Science Research Centre. Currently we have three funded research groups at the Department of Computer Engineering: Distributed/Networked Systems, Cyber Security, and Robotics. Our faculty members, along with their teams of enthusiastic graduate and undergraduate students, are performing innovative research in niche technologies and applications related to these three highly demanded research areas. I encourage our visitors to take a tour at the research activities of the three research groups.


The department of Computer Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs since 1997. The B.Sc. program in Computer Engineering is ABET (explain abbreviation) accredited. ABET is the most prestigious accreditation body in the United States for Engineering and Science.  At the graduate level, the department offers M.Sc. in Computer Engineering and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. All our graduate and undergraduate programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR). Our graduates also qualify to pursue Ph.D. degrees in Engineering Management, which is a graduate program designed to blend different engineering technologies with management sciences. The Department of Computer Engineering contributes to the Ph.D. program in Engineering Management, as well as other Engineering programs.

With us you belong to the future!


Dr. Ali A. El-Moursy

Chairman of Computer Engineering Department