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Studying Computer Engineering at the University of Sharjah has been a transformative experience. Over the course of four years, I have grown both personally and academically. The professors' unwavering commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in the field has inspired and challenged me. Also, engaging in practical projects has not only deepened my understanding but also allowed me to apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios. The guidance and expertise that the provided by the lab engineers have been invaluable in shaping my development. Furthermore, the university's community has helped me form lasting friendships and sparked my love for learning.
Eng. Tamara Ahmad Omar Nasro
As a Computer Engineer graduate from the University of Sharjah, I have had plenty of unquestionably incredible experiences while pursuing my degree. These experiences range from learning more about my area, both academically and practically, to understanding certain behavioral and social characteristics that I will undoubtedly apply in the workplace. The professors and engineers worked hard to create a secure learning atmosphere, which gave me the motivation I needed to pursue my major. Furthermore, the campus provides an ideal environment for building friendships with people who will make an unforgettable impression on my life.
Eng. Hind Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla Alzarooni
Studying Computer Engineering at the University of Sharjah has been an incredible journey of growth and learning. The curriculum provided a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, equipping me with the skills needed in the industry. The dedicated faculty members were always supportive and encouraged critical thinking. The state-of-the-art labs and facilities offered a conducive environment for hands-on experimentation and innovation. Collaborating with like-minded peers on challenging projects improved teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Overall, my bachelor's study in computer engineering at the University of Sharjah has been an enriching experience that has prepared me well for a successful future
Eng. Ali Ahmad Alsalama
I personally believe that studying computer engineering at the University of Sharjah was one of the best decisions I made. I spent 4 years learning something new every day, whether it was a technical or a communication skill. Professors made sure to update us about the latest advances in the field of each course and incorporate projects that enhances our understanding of the information we gained throughout the semester. Not to mention, the practical courses offered by knowledgeable and skillful lab engineers. This place is where I formed the best friendships and actually learned how to learn."
Mariame Yassir Ebid Elsalhy
University of Sharjah
I am very happy and honored to have majored in Computer Engineering at University of Sharjah. My four years in this department enriched my knowledge in the field and introduced me to bright colleagues whom I learnt a lot from. I am forever grateful to the department's instructors and engineers for all that they have taught me.
Nour Al Huda Wael El Chihabi
Al Tarfeeh Company
I definitely would recommend Computer Engineering program at University of Sharjah. I graduated from the program in 2019. The courses offered in this program have equipped me with numerous skills that I use to this day in my work. The fusion offered by this program between hardware and software was simply perfect to suit my interests in computers, machine learning, and robotics. I have also worked while I was in bachelors with OpenUAE Research & Development group, which has enhanced my skills and have also taught me research skills. These skills have advanced my journey in continuing my master’s degree in University of Sharjah.
Omar Mohamed Kamal Ahmed Gouda
University of Sharjah
"OpenUAE Research & Development Group is the fruitful result of collaboration between Computer Science Department and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Working with the faculty members and the students in ECE has enriched the learning experience and offered a wide range of teaching and research opportunities. The multidisciplinary knowledge we have gained is richer and the several projects are more engaging and more impactful. "
Dr.Manar Abu Talib
University of Sharjah College of Sciences | Computer Science Dept.