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Students Projects

 Spring 2022 - 2023
  • ​​Smart Surgeon Assistant
  • Robot-enabled Automated Grocery Store
  • Hand Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm
  • Using image processing and binary classification to differentiate between aircrafts (military and non-military)
  • Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using AI
  • Traffic signs detection
  • Smart Employee Satisfaction System
  • Smart Firefighter emergency robot
  • Irrigation using a ​smart solar energy system
  • Smart medical pills dispenser
  • Face Recognition from Partial Face Data with deep learning
  • A hybrid PV and wind turbine energy system design.
  • Design and Implementation of Rescue Robotic Vehicle

Fall 2022 ​- 2023
  • Smoke Suction
  • Smart Safety and Emergency Car System
  • Epileptic Seizures Detection and Prediction Using Machine Learning
  • Smart adaptive traffic light intersection system
  • Autonomous Delivery Robot
  • Hand Gesture Based Cursor
  • Biometric Authentication for Banks
  • Biometric Authentication for Banks

​​Spring 2021- 2022
  • ​StyloCam: Smart Linguistic Reading Pen
  • CNN-Based Dentist Helper System
  • Cursor Control using EEG Technology
  • State of Charge Estimation of Li-ion Batteries Using Artificial Intelligence for Electrical Vehicles
  • ​Autono​mous Social Media Regulator to Prevent Cyberbullying
  • ​IoT-Enabled Emergency Response System​
  • ​Smart Bionic Arm
  • ​Police-To-Vehicle LiFi Communication
  • ​Cardiac Disease Prediction using Artificial Intelligence
  • ​Smart sign Language Translator​

Fall 2021- 2022​
  • Smart RFID Parking System
  • ​Smart Tr​acking Camera
  • ​Adaptive Face-Mask Coverage Detection and Adjustment Based On Crowdedness And Social Distances 
  • ​Smart Tracking Camera
Spring 2020- 2021
  • Contactless Identification System(CIS)
  • A Personal Humanoid Robot Assistant
  • Voice contr​olled bedroom using Google AIY Voice Kit
  • ​Smart 3D‐Drawing Pen
  • IoT System for Maintaining Smart Buildings
  • ​Intelligent System for Home Automation and Management​
  • Face Recognition Attendance System​
  • Car Plate Recognition Using Machine Learning​
  • ​AI‐based Fault Data Injection (FDI) Counter Measure for Smart Grids in Internet of Energy (IoE)​
  • ​Driver Alerting Seat
  • Smart Air Conditioner System for Vehicles​
  • ​Smart University ID
  • Smart Camera with Object Tracking
  • Intelligent Face Recognition Attendance System in Classrooms​
  • ​Adaptive Face‐Mask Coverage Detection and Adjustment Based On Crowdedness And Social Distances​
Fall 2020- 2021​​
  • 2 in 1 3D Printer and Computer Numerical Control Machine​
  • University Courses Recommendation using Expert Systems​
  • ​Child Pool Safety System
  • ​Smart Glove for Visually Impaired
  • ​Med-Robot: Serving Medication to Elderly​
  • ​Spring 2019- 2020​
  • Valor Anassisting Drone for Accident Analysis​
  • Smart Conversation System​
  • Smart Two Way Communication Sign Langauge System​
  • Smart Traffic Light Control System​
  • Student Safety​ Application in School Buses​
  • Smart Office Boy​
  • Smart Rescue System​
Fall 2019- 2020
  • Eye Tracking Sy​stem
  • A Wearable Color Recognition Device for the Visually Impaired
  • Hazard Detection Robort​
  • IOT  Stress Detector System
  • ​EEG Wheelchair for People of Determination​
  • ​Car Accident Detector​
​Spring 2018-2019
  • ​Design and Implementation of Vehicle Monitoring System
  • Smart Assistant for blind people
  • Automated  Plate Recognition Robotic System
  • Drone Mounted Signal Booster
  • Autonomous UAVs for Victim Localization Using Thermal Scanning
  • Smart Solar Panels Cleaning System
  • Augmented Reality Remote Control (ARRC)
  • Body Mass Composition Measurements using a Portable Device
  • Smart Alerting device for deaf people
  • Self Excited Running Generator
  • Extraction of  Biomedical Information from Measured ECG Signals
  • Brain-Controlled Smart Home
  • Iot irrigation system
  • Gesture Controlled Robotic system via Kinect sensor
  • Smart Solar Charging Station
  • Asthma Atta​ck Detector
  • Using Memristors in Security Applications
  • iWorker: IoT Workers Monitoring with Haptic Feedback For Smart Cities
  • Solar powered portable water desalination unit
  • ADS (Autonomous Delivery System) using Drone - guided Robot
  • Smart Gloves for Sign Language Communication
  • Designing of IoT-Based Smart Healthcare Device for Heart Patients
  • Adaptive Lane System
  • Smart Seat Belt

​ Fall 2018-2019
  • Mind-Cont​rolled Robotic Arm     
  • Smart Speech-Generating Device for Medical Purposes 
  • Smart Lock System          
  • Magnetic Energy Harvesting for High and Low Voltage Power Lines          
  • Smart Wheelchair for disabled patients 
  • Parking Guidance System             
  • Design and Implementation of VLC Based Data Communication Systems    ​​Smart Eyeglass for Blind People 
  • Heart Arrhythmia Detection        
  • Design and Control of Glass Cleaning Robot         
  • Design and Implementation of High-Efficiency WPT System for Portable Devices     
  • Target Tracking Drone    
  • Smart Shoes       
  • Smart Street Light