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2022 Symposium on E-Commerce and Cybersecurity, SEC 2022
Organized by College of Computing and Informatics,
University of Sharjah in Cooperation with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Sharjah, UAE
March 24, 2022

E-commerce is becoming an exponentially growing trend in the field of business, especially during COVID-19 situation. It has grown to include trends such as e-marketplace, mobile commerce and social media commerce. Hence, stems the importance of cybersecurity to ensure safe online environments and to encourage e-commerce practices to flourish the economy.  SEC 2022 will to discuss emerging issues related to e-commerce and cybersecurity and latest trends and practices.
The symposium will welcome academics, practitioners and governmental authorities that are interested and concerned about the two topics. The first day will discuss the need for interdisciplanary programs between computer science, computer engineering, and other fields such as business, media, and law. For the second day the topics are more related to e-commerce and cybersecurity and include the following:

·      Cybersecurity
·      Government regulations for e-commerce
·      E-services
·      E-government
·      Biometrics based security
·      Blockchain
·      Business / Enterprise Architectures
·      P2P-computing for e-commerce
·      e-payment systems
·      e-commerce Content Management
·      Consumer protection in e-commerce
·      Applications, Trends, Challenges, and Case Studies