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University Programming Contest (UPC 2022)

CCI 23 MAR 202210 AM

​For more than 20 years, the university programming contest has been a source of pride for the department of Computer science. The contest launched in (2001) at the hands of senior dedicated faculty for the promotion of computing culture among university students of all majors.

The UPC became later a regional phenomenon when one of the main founders Dr. Abdullah Hussien among colleagues in the Gulf Council Countries (GCC) decided that this should be conducted annually at the level of all universities across the region to become known as Gulf Programming Contest GPC with first regional edition in 2011.


At this year's event, 37 students from different programs and colleges at the university took the challenge to solve 9 problems within the specified time limit.


Mentoring faculty and staff ensured that the challenges were released on time to be solved by participants.

Dr. Naveed Ahmed noted that participants were highly competitive and motivated to solve the proposed problems, he said the main themes were very much related to real-life challenges facing different industries.


Prof. Saad Harous, Chair - Computer Science,  awarded 1st place to Kamel Aladdin Kamel Samara who has been one of the best performers in the last two editions of the contest, solving 7/9 problems faster than the rest.  The Medical student has expressed his passion for Computer Science as being at the core of all other domains. Programming for Kamel has become a way of thinking, structuring, and resolving daily challenges in all sorts of life.


The 2nd place winner Abdalrahman Mohamed Elsheikh Eltahir / Computer Science have also managed to solve 7/9 problems only a few minutes after the first winner, indicating the highly competitive level among contestants.


The 3rd place winner Yaser Haitham Alesh / Computer Science managed to solve 6/9 problems.

Talking about the competition, Prof. Saad Harous has commended the dedication of the faculty who have been providing extra-curricular programs to train and prepare students throughout the term to ensure they are ready for the challenge.

The following students were also commanded for their intuitive thinking and analytical skills solving several challenges:

Karam Alli Al Shouraa / Computer Engineering solved 5/9 problems

Seba Mohammad Al Mokdad / Computer Science solved 4/9 problems

Hiba Einea / IT Multimedia solved 3/9 problems

Ala' Mamoun O. Alzebdeh / Computer Science, solved 3/9 problems

Genderwise, we noticed this year a balanced representation for male and female participants in the contest were 18 female students and 19 male students took the challenge.

In terms of the diversity of majors for those participants, the majority were CS students, but we also noticed new incomers even from Shariaa and Islamic studies, a magnificent surprise nonetheless that stands as a testimony for the importance of the domain.

The number of students who participated based on their major comes as follow:

Computer Science: 19

Computer Engineering: 9

IT Multimedia: 3

Electrical Engineering: 2

Sustainable Engineering: 1

Shari'a and Islamic Studies: 1

Mathematics: 1

Medicine and Surgery: 1

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