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The impossible is just a word erased with determination and ambition.

UOS 4 JUL 202112 AM


Khaldoun Senjab , a Syrian student defying the impossible, defeated all the circumstances and never surrender to his condition. After being completely disabled «quadriplegia», where he could not move any part in his body, except his heart that is full of hope, vitality, kindness and purity, and his open mind drove his future to an exceptional status, obtaining his bachelor's degree from the University of Sharjah, with honors and excellence, at this week's graduation ceremony, becoming an inspiring story for his peers and superiors, with the demonstrated strength and boundless determination.


Khaldoun faced a severe medical condition when he was injured in an accident at the age of 17, which resulted in complete physical disability, resulting in difficulty breathing, and remained bedridden, with artificial respirators. His story found an immediate response from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, In October 2016, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces ordered him to be brought to the state by private jet from Lebanon, where Khaldoun, as a refugee, was displaced to the nearest country after the events in Syria. Once he set foot in the land of the uae, which receives humanitarian cases and turns them into ingenious success stories, Khaldoun began to perform surgeries in Abu Dhab's hospitals by skilled doctors, which contributed significantly to his improved condition, which had previously required continuous intensive care.

Prior to the incident, he practiced computer programming and web design, and was distinguished init. He wanted to continue his dream and refine his talent, education, and expansion in computer science.

He was surrounded by the University of Sharjah with generous care, and upon the generous directions of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al-Qasimi, Member of supreme council, Ruler of Sharjah and President of the University of Sharjah, HE Prof. Hamid Al-Nuaimi, the Chancellor of the university, kept Khaldoun's case under his direct supervision to be granted a family accommodation to stay on campus, and provided him with a lot of mobility facilities. On the challenges faced by Khaldoun, a partner of his pain and suffering, and his companion trained in success, his wife Yusra Hilal, an Arabic teacher, said, "The conditions that Khaldoun went through, since his disability and until marriage and displacement from Syria, were enough to destroy the path of success, but he had a strong will and sincere certainty, that God almighty with him and help him, and what happened to him must turn into a great challenge. But the injury was stronger, he was suffering during movement and breathing, to do his duties, and I was still helping him to bathe and change his clothes.

Thanks to the leadership of the UAE and its assistance to us, Khaldoun was able to speak and move his tongue, and use it to study and take the exam." She explains that the challenges of studying during the four years were the movement of going back and forth, entering the classroom and reviewing lessons that needed to be prepared by his small family; He also needed double time for the rest of the students on the exam to answer questions, because he dealt with his tongue in answering.

All these efforts have not discouraged us, we have found the support of university professors and colleagues, which has had a great impact, thanking their highnesses and the management of the university, and their great role in overcoming difficulties and reaching the end. As a result of the struggle, Khaldoun, accompanied by his wife Yusra, was able to create a small family consisting of Judy, aged 17, Rihanna, age 5, and the last of the cluster Abdul Karim, aged one and a half years.


We have spoken to several professors who praised his outstanding performance in all the courses presented and despite all the difficulties he was not Khaldoun and in the most difficult circumstances who are unable to excuse him clearly to ask for any exceptions, quite the contrary. Khaldoun's presence in any course was seen as a challenge for the rest of the students to keep up with in what was offered.  Dr. Abdulah Hussein commented on his unlimited patience and his double effort to achieve the highest grades in his advanced courses.  Dr. Manar Abu Taleb summarized her words by saying that Khaldoun teaches us life. Dr. Mohammed Lataifeh did not find the words to describe the achievement of Khaldoun and his family who are equal to Khaldoun in his success, where they were always his shadow wherever he is.

It is  worth mentioning that the echoes of the superiority and determination  drawn by Khaldoun continue to resonate in the atmosphere where it was hosted several Arab and scientific  media stations and channels, the latest of which is his second meeting in two years with the news of Akhbar Al Daar Sharjah TV and by the BBC news station.

Khaldoun is a pride for all his generation, and he is a living example that the impossible is just a word that is conquered by hard work, faith, and sincerity.

From every one of us in the faculty of computing and informatics, all the love and appreciation to our brother and dear son Khaldoun and to the companion of his journey, the virtuous wife Yusra Hilal and his daughter Judy, who was following him after school to comfort and replace her mother in the lecture and fall asleep on the seat next to her father. To Rihanna and Abdul Karim, the spring of happiness and the title of hope.

Congratulations, you make what we do worthwhile.

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