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Computing and Informatics Annual Retreat (CIAR 2021) June 10, 2021

M3 Cafeteria 10 JUN 20211 PM
​The second edition of the Computing and Informatics Annual Retreat (CIAR 2021) was held on June 10, 2021. The retreat was mainly divided into two parts. In the first part, which was held virtually Dean and Vice Dean updated the faculty about the college activities and achievements.

The main achievements are:

  • The Computer Science Field/Program in the College has been ranked Number 1 in the UAE according to the recent ranking of the renowned worldwide TIMES for Higher Education Agency. This is the Only Field/program in UoS that has been ranked Number 1 according to International Ranking since the inception of the UoS in 1997.
  • The College recently organized a very successful international conference - IEEE CCCI 2020 - IEEE International Conference on Communications, Computing, Cybersecurity, and Informatics. International and regional experts added the conference.
  • The 2020 International Symposium on E-commerce and Cybersecurity - SEC 2020 – The symposium was attended by the academic, business, and industrial community.  The symposium was organized in partnership with the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 2020/2021 International Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce, where we have played the major role in its organization and technical aspects. We have done most of the work as a college.
  • The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the College are of excellent quality and are considered one of the best KPIs in the university; during 2020 and during the recent Mid-Year of 2021.
  • The number of Scopus publications per faculty member in the College in the past Year was 7.5 SCOPUS papers per faculty member and 5.5 SCOPUS Journal Papers from the Q1 & Q2 categories, and this is the highest rate across all colleges in the University of Sharjah.
  • The College designed and submitted eight new programs for approval by the CAA of the Ministry of Education in the UAE and three other programs for approval by the University's Board of Trustees.
  • One faculty member from the College has the highest number of SCOPUS publications in the Scopus database at the UoS. With over 939 publications and out of which 82 in the Year 2020.
  • The College has secured several MoUs with foreign universities and international companies to refine and sharpen students, staff, and faculty skills. The idea is to raise the scientific and professional level and also to get equipment and devices for our labs, and to enhance the reputation and visibility of the College and the university locally and internationally. Some examples are: MoUs with Cisco, RedHat, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, etc.
  • One of the Faculty Members in the College of Computing and Informatics received in 2020 four best paper awards from IEEE Systems Journal. This is the first time in the history of IEEE an author receives four best paper awards from an IEEE Journal in the same year. He also received the Best Paper Award in 2021 from IEEE Systems Journal.
  • One of the graduate students in the College, Ms Balsam Alkouz, won 2nd place in the Association of Arab Universities Award for Best Thesis in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Thesis is entitled "Road Traffic Analysis and Prediction by Fusing Data from Multiple Social Network Sites" competed with many MSc theses from all over the Arab Countries that were submitted to the award.
  • Our students Huthiefah Al Refai and Mariam Aurabi received the Forum for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award for the Research Projects in 2021 for their research paper entitled: Diagnosis of COVID-19 using CT Scans".
  • Two Faculty Members from the College of Computing and Informatics- Dr Imad Afyouni and Prof. Ashraf Elnagar- have received the Best paper award very recently at the ACLing 2021: 5th International Conference on AI Computational Linguistics. The winning paper is entitled "AraCap: A Hybrid Deep Learning Architecture for Arabic Image Captioning" by Imad Afyouni, Imtinan Azhar and Ashraf Elnagar.
  • The only faculty member who is IEEE fellow in the UoS is from the College.
  • The Only researcher and academic in UAE who is a Life Fellow of IEEE is from the College.
  • Enrollment in the college programs is increasing at a very high rate. Freshmen class has increased in Fall 2020 by about 49% when compared to fall 2020. This is the Highest Rate in the Entire UoS.
  • The College Research Groups make up for about 24% of total groups in RISE (Research Institute for Science and Engineering) although we make up ONLY 12% of number of Faculty Members in Colleges of Sciences, Engineering and Computing & Informatics that make up RISE.
  • Number of University services per faculty member in the College of Computing and Informatics is the highest in the entire UoS.
  • The College Office has the very lowest number of staff members- ONLY a Senior Administrative Assistant and One Administrative Assistant who works remotely. Most collages have at least 6 or more.
  • College organized various workshops and also acted as thinktank of UOS and college is ready for hybrid learning model.
  • College published a number of papers related to COVID-19 and pandemic and also got two grants related to this important topic.
  • College developed two important tools/applications for UoS faculty related to interactive tools and games for online teaching.

The second part of the retreat was organized in the newly refurbished Men's Cafeteria in building M3. After a short break, faculty and staff moved physically for social activities and award ceremony and lunch. 

A lot of games and activities were organized where faculty and staff members participated and enjoyed.

Faculty members and staff also used this occasion as a farewell party to two of our distinguished colleagues.

This was followed by the award ceremony and declaring various winners of activities held earlier in the day which were announced by Founding Dean and Life Fellow of IEEE, Professor Mohammad S. Obaidat.







The College also announced the 2020/2021 distinguished service awardees, and they are:

  1. Dr Abdullah Hussein  from the Department of Computer Science.
  2. Prof. Mohamed Saad from the Department of Computer Engineering.
  3. Dr Saadat Alhashmi from the Department of Information Systems.
  4. Mr Mohamed Sobhi Toubar, Staff Member- from Department of Computer Science.

Overall, over 30 participants attended this event. The event was organized by Dr Iman Akour, Dr Manar Wasif Abu Talib and Ms Reem Al Jaber. 

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