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Dean of College of Computing and Informatics Chairs Two International Conferences between July 8-10, 2020

Microsoft Teams 8 JUL 202010 AM


Prof. Mohammad S. Obaidat, Fellow of IEEE and Fellow of SCS, and Dean of the College of Computing and Informatics at the University of Sharjah chaired two international conferences on Virtually using Zoom and Slack technology (for the organizers), which were supposed to be held in Paris, France but because of worldwide Covid-19 situation, the leadership and organization committee of the conference decided to hold them Virtually, using Zoom in the period:  8-10 July 2020 .

As for the first conference, it is:

The 17th International Congress of E-Business and Communication ICETE 2020 (

17th International Joint Conference on e-business and Telecommunications- ICETE 2020

Which includes six international conferences:

1) The International Conference on Data Communications Networks

2) International E-Business Conference

3) The International Conference on Optical Communications Systems

4) International Conference on Network Security and Encryption

5) International Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Systems

6) The International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems

Where the percentage of acceptance of research was 18.13% of the total research papers category and 24% of the short research category. Researchers from all continents of the world participated in the conference, from about 45 countries such as (America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, and others).

There were six keynote speakers at the conference and an outstanding technical presentation of recent reserach results.

 The second conference, which was also chaired by Dean  Mohammad S. Obaidat, is:

SIMULTECH1 2020.jpg

10th International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications, SIMULTECH 2020



It contains four main tracks:


1 . Simulation Tools and Platforms


2 . Formal Methods


3 . Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation


4 . Application Domains


Where the percentage of acceptance of research was 25.53% of the category of full papers (Regular Papers) and 31.91% of the category of short papers (Short Papers).

Scientists from around the world participated in the conference; about 42 countries represented, and there were three main speakers at the conference and superb technical presentations.


Both conferences are organized by several international organizations, the most important of which are: INSTICC, Eurasip, ACM, Semantic Scholar, Google, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, dblp, Scopus, Springer and others. All research papers accepted at the conference will appear in Scopus.

Moreover, the extended versions of selected accepted papers in the 2 conferences will appear in 2  books; one for each conference. The books will be published by the famous publisher Springer.


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