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AI Week

AI Week "Empowering Digital Health Education with AI"

January 24th, 25th, 26th 2022

Day#1: January 24th 2022 @11:30AM

Welcome by Prof Maamar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Studies Welcome by Prof Qutayba Hamid, Vice Chancellor & Dean of College of Medicine .
Welcome by Prof Abbes Amira, Dean of College of Computing & Informatics .


Chair: Prof Qutayba Hamid, Dean of College of Medicine 

Moderators: Prof Zaher Al Aghbari & Prof Rabih Halwani 

  • Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis using Machine Learning by Prof Ashraf Elnagar 
  • Digital health using robotics and artificial intelligence for patient safety_by Prof Salman Yousuf Guraya 
  • Detection and Classification of Epileptic Seizure Activities in Neonatal EEG Data_by Prof Ahmed Bouridane 
  • Calculating and recommending diabetes mellitus risk score using AI_by Prof Nabil Sulaiman 
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence in integrative bioinformatics analysis for diagnostic and prognostic biomarker identification by Prof Rifat Hamoudi 
  • Data Science and AI for detecting brain tumors and estimating patients' survivability_by Prof Zaher Al Aghbari 

Discussion, Recommendations & Concluding Remarks

1:30 -2:30

Focused Workshop#2 on Health Sciences & AI 

Chair: Prof Mohamad Alameddine, Dean of College of Health Sciences 

Moderators: Dr. Ali Bou Nassif & Dr. Dilber Uzun Ozsahin 

  • AIoT for connected health by Prof Abbes Amira 
  • Applications of AI in Medical Imaging by Prof Bashar Afif Issa .
  • Application of AI in the prevention and management of major Illnesses_by Dr. Nabeel Al Yateem .
  • Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Physiotherapists?_by Dr. Ashokan Arumugam .
  • The Relevance of Big Data in Health Education_by Dr. Saadat Alhashmi .
  • What should medical and health sciences students know about AI in undergraduate degree?_by Dr. Mohammed Abuzaid .
  • AI in Ramadan Fasting Research: Optimizing the Practice and Maximizing the Health Benefits_by Dr. Moez AlIslam Faris .
  • Adaptive and Personalized Serious Games for TeleRehabilitation 
    by Dr. Imad Afyouni .
  • AI in Radiology by Dr. Dilber Uzun Ozsahin .

Discussion, Recommendations & Concluding Remarks 

Concluding Remarks of Day#1

Competition Announcement

Day#2: January 25th2022 @10:00AM

Opening by Prof Hamid AL Naimiy, the Chancellor .  
Welcome by Prof Qutayba Hamid, Vice Chancellor & Dean of College of Medicine
Welcome by Prof Abbes Amira, Dean of College of Computing & Informatics .
Session Chairs: Prof Ashraf Elnagar & Prof Rifat Hamoudi .
10:00 -10:30 The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Multimodality Medical Imaging
by Prof. Zaidi Habib, Chief Physicist and Head of the PET Instrumentation & Neuroimaging Laboratory at Geneva University Hospital and Faculty Member at the Medical School of Geneva University .

Processing Sensory Signals using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

by Prof. Amine Bermak, Professor and Associate Dean at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar .

11:00 -11:15

Controlling Generative AI to Ensure Accelerated And Trustworthy Discovery 

by Dr. Payel Das, Research Staff Member and Manager in the AI Science Department of IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. 

11:15 -11:30

The Use of AI in Universities
By Sean McGuire Higher Education & Research (HER) EMEA, Nvidia .

11:30 -11:45

AI VS Physicians  

By Dr. Bassam Mahmboub, Clinical Professor, Dubai Academic City .

Panel Discussion

Power of Health Digitalization using AI on Community and Education: Challenges & Opportunities .

Concluding Remarks of Day#2

Day#3: January 26th2022 @10:00AM

Welcome by Prof Youssef Al Haik, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs .
Welcome by Prof Qutayba Hamid, Vice Chancellor & Dean of College of Medicine

Welcome by Prof Abbes Amira, Dean of College of Computing & Informatics .



Focused Workshop#3 on Dentistry & AI

Chair: Prof Manal Awad, Dean of College of Dentistry

Moderators: Dr. Talal Bonny & Dr. Hatem El Damanhoury

  • Training future specialists using AI-based Trainer
    by Dr. Mohammad Alsmirat .
  • Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry: Possibilities and Challenges 
    by Dr. Sunaina Yadadi .
  • AI in Dental Radiology by Prof Qassim Nasir .
  • Dentistry 4.0 – Best Practice and Pitfalls in AI Research by Dr. MHD Adel Moufti .
  • AI in Dental Bitewing Images by Dr. Talal Bonny .

Discussion, Recommendations & Concluding Remarks 


Focused Workshop#4 on Pharmacy & AI

Chair: Prof Karim El Zu'bi, Dean of College of Pharmacy

Moderators: Dr. Thar Shamsa & Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Alhusban

  • Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy Practice by Dr. Feras Jirjees .
  • Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities by Dr. Ibrahim Abaker .
  • Opportunities for Multi-omics and Machine Learning in Drug Treatment Monitoring by Dr. Nelson Alexandre .
  • Challenges in Building Useful AI system for Medical Image based Diagnosis System by Dr. Mohammad Alsmirat .
  • AI in Pharmaceutical Sciences by Dr. Sameh Soliman .

Discussion, Recommendations & Concluding Remarks 

Announcing Competition Winners

Winners' Presentations

1st Winner Presentation – Category 1 

2nd Winner Presentation – Category 1 

1st Winner Presentation – Category 2 

2nd Winner Presentation – Category 2 

Concluding Remarks of Day#3