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Vision and Beyond


The University of Sharjah is an innovative world-class teaching, learning and research institution providing a distinctive, inspirational, creative and supportive environment.


The University of Sharjah is committed to providing a world-class educational experience that prepares lifelong learners and leaders with integrated knowledge and skills. We are passionate about building a collaborative and sustainable environment that cultivates twenty-first century skills and fosters pioneering research and scholarship. We seek to serve the current and future needs of our local community and beyond by offering innovative academic and professional programs.


Core Values

The University of Sharjah are united by six core values that underpin our daily actions as students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni. They are as follows:

  • Integrity and Ethics: Ethical standards at the University of Sharjah are founded on ethical and civic responsibility in accordance with progressive Arab and Islamic ideals.
  • Dedication: Dedication to providing students with knowledge and support, so they are fully prepared to be the leaders of the future.
  • Inclusiveness: We welcome and value each other and embrace the diversity of ideas and people.
  • Excellence with limitless Drive: For quality enhancement and continuance improvement.
  • Accountability and Transparency: We pride ourselves on our responsibility, and transparency in our actions, providing a fair and positive work environment.
  • Innovation and Creativity: We work without bounds to improve lives through creativity and innovation in the pursuit of academic excellence.



To improve the student learning experience the University of Sharjah has developed an innovative and focused plan to enhance and enrich student services and facilities. As part of this strategic focus, the University aims to ensure that all new and existing services support a quality centered learning experience. To meet student residential and social needs, to provide effective student support services and to promote the students’ personal development and ultimately their employability, the University has identified the following priority objectives:

  1. Make the University of Sharjah campus more welcoming and supportive for all, focusing on the wellbeing of our students.
  2. Enhance programs, services and facilities for people of determination.
  3. Enhance student advisory and support for academic achievement.
  4. Increase the employability of University of Sharjah students, while improving internship and cooperative opportunities.
  5. Enhance facilities and services at our branches.


At the University of Sharjah, we are passionate about our people and fostering a culture of collaboration, happiness, and productivity. To support the development of this type of organizational culture, we strive to achieve several human resource priorities:

  1. Recruit, develop, retain talented faculty and professional staff.
  2.  Empower faculty and professional staff through professional development.
  3.  Develop the Emiratization program.
  4. Enhance employee wellbeing, safety and healthcare.
  5. Develop an environment of service excellence.


As an institution of higher education, we are committed to providing a collaborative, innovative and sustainable learning environment. As the curators of this educational environment, we strive to cultivate the twenty-first century skills needed to meet current and changing demands for employability and cultural advancement. We will serve our local and global communities through effective strategic partnerships and efficient governance, fully enabling academic and professional programs, by implementing the following objectives:

  1. Build an agile governance and operating model with the aim of establishing a robust and efficient operations platform on which to grow.
  2. Unify and integrate IT systems to serve education, research and operation activities.
  3. Establish a financially sustainable institution with diverse sources of income.
  4. Efficiently manage resources to establish a sustainable financial base and examine the distribution of resources across programs, revising uneconomical academic programs.
  5. Improve the University of Sharjah branding and internationalization. Develop an environmentally sustainable campus.
  6. Develop an environmentally sustainable campus.


The University of Sharjah acknowledges the critical role of scientific research towards reputation, development and advancement. Our commitment to continued research efforts serves to address the emerging challenges of our times. As an institution of advanced learning, we remain focused on providing innovative world-class teaching, learning and research environments to support new insights and greater understanding of critical issues. With a developing interest and focus on technology transfer, we support an increased effort and commitment to enhancing quality scientific research and discovery, through the following priority objectives:

  1. Support research management and dissemination.
  2. Support and reward researchers, while engaging students.
  3. Establish sustainable dynamic priority research areas in service of the community.
  4. Expand and equip state-of the-art research facilities.

Industry and Community

With the aim to develop and sharpen minds, higher education supports human advancement in industry and within the community. This contribution is further enhanced through the University of Sharjah’s strong partnerships and support for innovation. The University acknowledges its role in supporting community development and service toward raising awareness and resolving issues of concern in the community. We are committed to providing a distinctive and supportive campus and building innovative strategic partnerships, which directly contribute to the wellbeing of our community and society on both a local and global scale, as demonstrated by the objectives listed below:

  1. Communicate more effectively with society to increase local, regional and international relations in a bid to foster research and innovation through greater collaboration.
  2. Establish a philanthropy and endowment program.
  3. Increase alumni involvement in fundraising and networking.
  4. Provide professional development, continuing education and consultancy services for industries,the community ands ociety.

Teaching and learning

Given the need for the transformation of higher education to address the range of opportunities and challenges, the University of Sharjah is committed to providing a collaborative, innovative and sustainable learning environment that cultivates twenty-first century skills amongst its students. These challenges support the need for a new and innovative approach. Our objectives will serve our local and global communities’ current and future needs, by offering innovative academic and professional programs:

  1. Enhance our teaching and learning environment by incorporating leading edge technology.
  2. Develop and support innovative teaching methodologies and course design and delivery.
  3.  Review, develop and accredit academic programs to meet the 21st century job market.
  4.  Strengthen the pedagogical knowledge and skills of faculty members.