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The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Colleges of Medicine & Health Sciences is located on the second floor of Building M-25 in the Medical Campus of the University of Sharjah.

In addition to the Vice Chancellor, there are five administrative staff including Senior Administrative Assistant, Financial Controller, 2 Administrative Assistants and a Receptionist.
The following report to the Vice Chancellor:

  1. Deans of the 4 colleges (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy & Health Sciences).
  2. Director of University Clinics
  3. Director of Clinical Training Center
  4. Director of Dental Hospital
  5. Director of Epidemiology Unit
  6. Director of Medical Education Center
  7. Director of Diabetes Center
  8. Coordinator of Tissue Bank Unit
  9. Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies

The office looks after the appointment, promotion and evaluation of all faculty in the four colleges and the units, approve all purchase orders, approve all leaves and negotiate for the Budgets of all colleges and units.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor collaborates with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to finalize the appointments and promotion files.

The office also works closely with the Vice Chancellor for Accreditation to supervise the national and international accreditation of all colleges, departments and programs.

It also collaborates with the Office of the Dean of Academic Support Services to organize timetables for lectures, examinations and evaluation.

All MOUs of all colleges of the Medical Campus with national and international organizations pass through the Office of the Vice Chancellor.