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Study Plans & Curricula Committee: Terms of Reference

1)    Purpose

The Study Plans and Curricula Committee (SPCC) monitors, reviews and recommends change proposals for existing undergraduate/graduate courses and programs.


2)    Duties and Responsibilities

  • To receive or initiate recommendations pertaining to undergraduate/graduate courses and programs offered for academic credit/non-credit by any College/Department of the University.
  • To evaluate, from a university-wide perspective, all proposals for changes in existing undergraduate/graduate courses and programs.
  • To assure maintenance of appropriate intercollege relationships with regard to curriculum matters;


3)    Membership

The committee membership includes:

  • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (chair)
  • A faculty member from each college appointed by the VCAA on the recommendation of the dean
  • Director of Registration Department
  • Director of Admission Department


4)    Meetings

  • Meetings shall be held twice every academic semester, with additional meetings as deemed necessary.
  • The agenda of each meeting along with all relevant paperwork shall be provided to the SPCC members at least one week in advance of the meeting.


5)    Voting

  • A quorum is obtained by the presence of an absolute majority of its members.
  • Decisions shall be taken on the strength of an absolute majority of the members present.
  • In case of a tie, the side on which the chairperson has voted shall carry the motion.


6)    Minutes

The Chair shall appoint in the first meeting a secretary to take down the minutes and keep them in a record which the Chair will sign.


7)    Standing subcommittees of the SPCC

The SPCC consists of four standing subcommittees:

-  Subcommittee for Medical Sciences,

-  Subcommittee for Engineering and Sciences,

-  Subcommittee for Humanities and Social Sciences

-  Subcommittee for Creativity and Development


Each subcommittee shall be charged with specific duties and responsibilities defined by the SPCC. It shall be comprised of SPCC members who represent colleges under its scope. The SPCC will appoint chairs for each of the four subcommittees. These subcommittees will be responsible to conduct the technical review of the submitted requests from the respective colleges. Results of review shall be communicated to the SPCC.


8)    Reporting

The SPCC reports to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.