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Secondment and Conference Attendance Regulations

1)     A faculty member may be sent on academic or official business inside or outside the country in accordance with instructions from the Chancellor.

2)     A faculty member may be delegated to perform other administrative tasks or may be seconded to a governmental or international organization in accordance with instructions from the Chancellor.

3)     The University of Sharjah is keen to encourage faculty members to take part in conferences and seminars organized by scientific and specialized organizations, whether at the local, regional or international level.

a.     Participation in conferences shall be by decision of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Vice Chancellor for Medical Colleges Affairs.

b.     Conditions that must be satisfied by applicant:

·    The applicant must be a faculty member and must have passed the probationary period.

·    The University shall not incur any conference expenses unless the applicant is a faculty member working for the University when the conference is held.

Required Documents

A form shall be filled out and submitted at least one month before the date of the conference/seminar to be attended. The following documents must be included:

1)     Approval from the college concerned.

2)     A copy of the paper to be read or an abstract thereof as the conference organizers may require.

3)     A copy of the conference flier (in which the fees are stated).

4)     A letter indicating final (and not conditional) acceptance of the paper by organizers.

General Guidelines

1)     The University shall allocate an adequate annual budget for each college to cover the expenses of conference attendance by its faculty. Such a budget shall ordinarily b allocated in light of the college plan to send to conferences a number of faculty members that comprises no more than 20% of its total number of faculty members.

2)     A college may divide the available funds amongst faculty members who wish to attend conferences in a way that does not exceed the amount allocated in the budget for conference attendance provided that such division is carried out in an equitable manner. To this end, the following guidelines may be followed for the purpose of prioritization:

a.   Faculty who are attending conferences that are closer to their specialization.

b.   Faculty who are asked to represent the University in a conference.

c.   Faculty who are requested to prepare a paper by conference organizers.

d.   Faculty who are given organizational capacity in a conference.

e.   Faculty who have not attended conferences in the year in question or the year before.

3)     The participant shall submit to the Chairman upon his return a report on the conference.

4)     A copy thereof must also be forwarded to the Dean's office.

5)     The faculty member must organize a seminar on the conference, the discussions carried out and the recommendations made therein to his colleagues in the department within one week of his return.

6)     A faculty member is entitled to take part in one local conference and one external conference every year provided sufficient funds are available for that purpose.

7)     The conference must be relevant to the specialization of the faculty member.

8)     No participation in a conference will be accepted without an acceptable paper, except in special cases which are approved by the Chancellor.


Conditions of Participation

1)  The conference must be in the applicant's area of specialization.

2)  The participant must be the main (or joint) author of the paper. The applicant must also be the presenter of the paper.

3)  The paper must bear the name of the University of Sharjah.

4)  No conference participation is permitted during the first week of teaching, the last week of teaching or during the final examinations period.

5)  Faculty teaching in the summer session may not apply to attend conferences or seminars held abroad during that session due to the shortness of the semester.

6)  Participation without a paper may be permitted with the approval of the Chancellor in the following cases:

a.     The participant should be a main member of the organizing committee for the conference.

b.     The participant should be a member in one of the scheduled panel discussions of the conference.

c.     The participant should be the moderator for one of the workshops or sessions of the conference.

d.     If the participant should represent the University in a major academic activity that reflects positively on the University.

Regulations of financial support to applicants

1)  The University will provide the necessary funding to cover the expenses of faculty throughout the duration (only) of an academic conference/symposium in the amount of at most $200 per day as follows:

a.   Daily expenses will be paid for the duration of the conference/symposium for the period of at most four days, in addition to one day before and one day after the conference/symposium if held in the Far East, South America, the United States of America, Canada, or Australia.

b.  Daily expenses will be paid for the duration of the conference/symposium for the period of at most four days in the case of other countries.  

2)  The University will pay for the conference/symposium registration fees in the amount of at most $750.00.

3)   The University provides conference participants with an economy round trip ticket However, if the conference is held in summer, the University provides the participant with a ticket from their country of residence to the place of the conference and if the conference is held in the country of the participant, the University shall not incur the travel expenses.

4)  If the conference is local (i.e, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi only), the University will cover local costs for transportation and per diem for up to AED 700 daily for a period not exceeding (3) three days based upon submitted receipts and will also cover the registration fees for all local conferences held in the UAE.

5)  If a faculty member participates in presenting more than one paper, the University shall cover the expenses for only one paper.

6)  If a participant receives full financial support to cover the expenses of the event, the University shall not incur any expenses.

7)  If a participant receives partial financial support to attend a conference, the University shall cover the remaining part of the expenses provided that it does not exceed what is stated in the regulation of financial support for conference participation.