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Route for curriculum review and modification


College Council
Study Plan & Curricula Committee

Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation

Dean' CouncilBoard of Trustee
Change course title   
Change course name 
Change in course content or delivery   
Change in prerequisite   
Change in teaching language/add additional language   
اChange elective  to compulsory courses without change in curriculum credit hours.    
Credit Hours Change in credit hours  
Contact Hours Change    
Add/delete Tutorial Hours    
Change in pass grade   
Allocation of a course to a different department/college    
Introduce new course/cancel existing course   
Add equivalency of two courses    
Adding course to the study plan without change in the curriculum    
Adding a new course to the study plan without change in the curriculum   
Adding a compulsory/elective university course   
Change in the number of credit hours of the program   
Shift a student to a new study plan/ add another study plan    
Introduce a new track 
Develop an academic program
Put on hold an academic program
Cancel an academic program
Develop a new department/cancel/rename
Develop a new college/cancel/rename
Change a degree
Switch a program from college to another
Change in admission requirements of a program  
Change in teaching language of a program   
Major change in program content  
Adding an elective course to a program  
Develop a shared program