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The primary mandate of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is to

1) oversee the following activities undertaken by colleges affiliated with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs:

  1. proposing curricula, textbooks, and reference books
  2. developing study plans and programs
  3. proposing new academic programs and specializations and applying for their accreditation
  4. The delivery of all academic programs and specializations
  5. academic research especially in relation to setting guidelines and strategies


2) approve the recommendations of colleges affiliated with the office for

  1. sponsoring faculty members to attend seminars and conferences held inside and outside the University
  2. assigning faculty members to teach overtime whenever the need arises
  3. nominating faculty members to evaluate master's degree theses and PhD dissertations
  4. approving requests for leave submitted by faculty except sabbatical leave
  5. organizing academic fieldtrips and selecting participants
  6. forming different committees provided that their mandates do not contradict those of major university committees
3)  represent the University of Sharjah in external activities and events
4)  follow up on the tasks and responsibilities of the academic board of trustees
5)  communicate directly with government ministries and public and private sector entities regarding all relevant matters
6)review faculty annual evaluations in the colleges affiliated with the office and submit appropriate recommendations to the Chancellor,
7) propose budget for all colleges and centers that fall under the mandate of the office and make recommendations thereof to the Chancellor
8) supervise the running of the Continuing Education and Community Service Center and approve its programs and activities

9) attend to any other issues assigned to the office by Chancellor