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Lecturers and Visiting Professors

Article (58)

a) When need arises, the Chancellor may decide to invite visiting professors from among the scholars, thinkers, or experts, or from among current or former faculty members at Arab or foreign universities to teach courses offered by the University on a temporary basis, to deliver public lectures, or participate in symposia or debates in accordance with procedures and criteria issued by the Chancellor. The decision to invite someone shall include the duration of the visit, the reason for it, and the remuneration due to the visitor in accordance with University by-laws.

b) If need arises, the Chancellor may hire visiting professors for one semester or for a whole year and their salaries and compensations shall be determined according to criteria set by the Chancellor in accordance with the University by-laws.

c) If need arises, the concerned Vice Chancellor may hire part-time lecturers holding the ranks of full professor, associate professor, assistant professor, lecturer, or instructor according to their qualifications. They shall be paid for each teaching hour in accordance with criteria set by the University Chancellor and the University by-laws.

All visiting professors appointments should be within the approved faculty compliment in each department.