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Hiring/Recruitment Procedures

  • Each academic year, departments needs of hiring faculty members to be examined and submitted to the office of the VC, taking into consideration all criteria to be available in the candidate (hiring needs template).
  • Vacant positions shall be announced once a year at an agreed and convenient date, with declaring time frame/deadline for accepting applications (advertisement form).
  • After the advertisement is closed, HR Department send all received applications to the concerned College/Department.
  • All applications to be examined by the recruitment committee on the department level, and nominate the best candidates for the post with two-three alternatives for each post (Form F9).
  • Nominated faculty members are sent to the College Recruitment Committee to examine the files of the nominated faculty members (Form F8).
  • The College Recruitment Committee interviews the nominated faculty members by telephone/Skype/and or on campus interview.
  • Nominated faculty members with alternatives shall be sent to the University Recruitment Central Committee to be reviewed and approved according to the University recruitment criteria.
  • All nominations and recommendations to be submitted to the Chancellor for review and approval, and then to be presented to the Academic Committee of the Board of Trustees for approval/recommendation.