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Study Abroad Program

​The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs would like to announce the start of admissions for the 2018-2019 Study Abroad Program with ِAugust 25, 2018 as the deadline for submitting applications


Conditions for Joining the Study Abroad Program:

1. Be a national from the Emirate of Sharjah.

2. Demonstrate good conduct.

3. Be no more than 35 years of age upon submitting the application for appointment.

4. Demonstrate good physical fitness.

5. Have received a bachelor or master's degree, or the equivalent, with a GPA of at least "very good."

6. Have received a score of at least 500 on the TOEFL exam or 6 on the IELTS exam.

7. Have completed or been excused from the national service requirement.

Study Abroad Appointment Procedure:

1. The contract with study abroad students accepted for the program states that if the student is employed, s/he is required to resign, be fulltime in the Study Abroad Program and not work elsewhere.

2. The study abroad student may be employed full time at the University of Sharjah in a relevant academic department (for one or two semesters at most) under the supervision of the academic department until s/he obtains acceptance for graduate studies.

3. Study abroad students will be paid a monthly salary, health insurance, and a children's education allowance, according to the University bylaws.

4. Study abroad students who meet the enrollment conditions for the program are required to travel to the country of study, begin their studies immediately after obtaining admissions and maintain the required GPA.

5. The University of Sharjah will cover the cost of tuition fees for studying abroad throughout the period of study, in addition to providing annual air tickets.

6. After attaining the master's/PhD degree, study abroad students (employees) are required to begin work immediately as faculty members at the University of Sharjah in the rank of lecturer/assistant professor for a period equal to the period of their studies from the point that they enrolled in the program.  A contract is concluded with students until they graduate.

7. Candidate interviews will be conducted in September 2018.

Actual years of study in the Study Abroad Program:

  • Two years to obtain a master's degree only.
  • Three years to obtain a doctorate only.
  • Five years to obtain both the master's and PhD degrees together.

Please complete the application for the Study Abroad Program and send it to the email below, along with the required attachments:
For inquiries, please contact 06-5053032


For details, Please visit the arabic page