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Welcome to the website of the Deanship for Academic Support Services at the University of Sharjah (UOS). Established in 2006 to supervise, the deanship oversees, strives to develop, and continuously improve the performance of five academic support units. These units include: nine libraries distributed over the different campuses of the University of Sharjah; the Central Educational & Research Laboratories; the Admission & Registration Departments; CASTO; and the Student Records, Documents and Archiving Office.
In many occasions, the deanship has been described by top management as the “central nerve” of the university simply because of the fact that every member of the UOS community is affected in one way or another by the services we provide. From providing simple IT technical support, to preparing academic accreditation documents, to running the admission & registration processes and developing admission and registration policies & procedures, to providing comprehensive library resources, to running the well-equipped educational as well as research laboratories, to providing customized IT solutions, to upgrading the UOS infrastructure … our team of over 200 highly qualified, motivated and enthusiastic individuals work very hard to make sure that students, academic and administrative staff are provided with high quality support services needed to help them execute their daily tasks and duties. To learn more about the five departments/centers and the service they provide, I encourage you to visit the websites of each these units.
Our goal is very clear and simple: “provide high quality services in timely fashion to the UOS community (individual and units) to support them to achieve their objectives”, which ultimately contribute to achieving the objectives outlined in the UOS strategic plan.
We trust that you will find the information on our website very useful and we invite you to visit it frequently for updates. We also welcome any comments and recommendation.
Hussein M Elmehdi, Phd
Dean of Academic Support Services
For more information on any of the five units, we invite you to visit the website of the respective units:
- Central Laboratories
- Admission
- Registration
- Libraries
- Student Records, Documents and Archiving Office