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The essence of the scientific advancement that the University of Sharjah has been working on for several years is to raise its profile at the forefront of international universities, which function according to the requirements for progress, now necessitated by the global technical revolution and its fundamentals and indications. In so doing, we seek to acquire international stature and excellence through cooperation with world-class universities based upon the clear directives of the President of the University, and pioneer of science and knowledge, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah.
Accordingly, the University of Sharjah is working on a set of plans, projects and programs based upon this prospective, such as but not limited to, new graduate programs that focus on the sciences and technology required by the job market in the UAE, based in their entirety on many of the components in the global technical revolution. These include engineering and medical programs, unique to the University of Sharjah, such as nuclear engineering, the bachelor program in new and renewable energy, earth and oil sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, biomedical sciences, and bioengineering. The University of Sharjah offers these programs in cooperation and partnership with international universities, which has necessitated partnership agreements, memorandums of understanding, and cooperation. The College of Computing and Informatics is a good example of this because it offers, as of the current academic year (2019/2020), a number of new programs based on the data sciences and programs related to new technologies, such as virtual reality, drones, and robotics. It further includes the specializations of computer engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, smart cities technology, and Blockchain. In its first phase, the college will include the departments of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Management Systems. The University will also offer bachelor, master, and doctorate degree programs in sciences and computer engineering, information networks security, data sciences and their applications in all fields of the humanities and management, medical engineering, and health sciences. The college will also conduct integrated multi-disciplinary research and utilize applications in the fields of computing, programming, and other fields. What demonstrates the commitment of the University of Sharjah to the standards of the international global revolution and its requirements is that the college keeps pace with new developments in the Arab region and United Arab Emirates. Emerging government and private entities, working in accordance with these global standards, require qualifications, values, and regulations from the university graduates who work with them.
Overall, and in terms of numbers, the University of Sharjah has realized many achievements since its inception in 1997 due to the support and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah and President of the University.  Student numbers have steadily increased from 676 in 1997 to more than 18,000 students from over 100 countries, giving the University of Sharjah the highest number of students compared to all other universities in the UAE. The number of students wishing to join the University of Sharjah is also increasing. The quality of students enrolled in the University has improved significantly after the admission rate for secondary school students increased from 70% in 1997 to almost 92.5% in 2021, and this rate continues to rise. More than one third of our students receive scholarships from various parties. The number of students in graduate programs has risen to more than 3,000. The number of students who have graduated from the University reached 38,339​ at the end of the academic year 2021/2022, while the number of faculty reached 710 in 2022. Intensive efforts are further underway to recruit more researchers and faculty members. The number of administrative staff members has reached 1644​, while the number of academic programs has increased to include 123 accredited programs offered through 14 colleges. The Medical Complex, with its four colleges and two hospitals, is unique in providing comprehensive health and medical education in the UAE. Additionally, more than 200 memorandums of understanding or partnership agreements have been signed with national and regional institutions and international universities. Nine distinguished libraries with a total area of more than 43,000 square meters have been completed and include numerous paper and electronic resources that support the mission of education and research. Several institutes, research centers and research groups have been established over the past several years and are involved in a wide range of interdisciplinary research geared towards promoting development in the region and beyond. The University has more than 200 modern laboratories that provide a solid applied-learning experience and support research in many disciplines.  The University has more than 60 computer labs connected to the network and equipped with the latest hardware and software. Modern sports complexes allow students to participate in a wide range of recreational and competitive sports activities, enabling them to gain a comprehensive university life experience. The University also has three mosques and modern student accommodations where students can find peace and comfort as if at home. These tremendous achievements, over the past several years, have propelled the progress of the University, up to the current year 2021, to the international level to which we aspire. Achieving further international progress requires a firm commitment from all and working as a team in a harmonious manner to achieve this common goal.

The next phase entails establishing the University's reputation for excellence in teaching and learning, fostering the development of research in areas relevant to regional development, building strong links with the community, improving productivity, and promoting innovation in order to optimize the resources available through sustainable leadership and collective commitment, along with a strong belief in the ability to achieve these goals. The University of Sharjah invites you to be part of this unique experience by reminding you, as a member of its community, of your potential, abilities and achievements. I am sure that you will find everything you want and even more at the University. Welcome to the University of Sharjah!
Professor Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy,
Chancellor of the University