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The University of Sharjah has been actively engaged in a scientific renaissance in recent years, with the primary goal of advancing its position among leading international universities. This pursuit aligns with the demands of contemporary scientific and technological advancements and underscores the institution's commitment to adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of the global technical revolution. In this endeavor, the University recognizes the inevitability of adhering to the regulations, laws, and overarching principles of this transformative global movement.
In addition to cultivating its tradition and international reputation through collaboration with renowned global universities, the University has remained steadfast in its commitment to the visionary directives articulated by its founder, the eminent scholar and pioneer of science, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah. As per these esteemed directives, the University's current President, His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, is actively pursuing an agenda focused on expanding and fortifying the institution's standing even further.
In response to these objectives, the University of Sharjah has embarked on a comprehensive strategic initiative comprising various plans, projects, and programs. Central to these endeavors are the development of contemporary postgraduate curricula closely aligned with the scientific and technological demands of the nation's workforce and society. These curricula are deeply rooted in the myriad facets of the global technological revolution, encompassing specialized fields including engineering, medicine, and computer science. The University of Sharjah takes pride in offering distinctive programs such as nuclear engineering, undergraduate degrees in new and renewable energy, petroleum and earth sciences, environmental science and engineering, as well as biomedicine and bioengineering. These programs are delivered with utmost confidence and expertise, fostered through collaborations and partnerships with numerous international universities, a commitment solidified through various agreements and memorandums of understanding.
Perhaps the University’s establishment of the College of Computing and Informatics is the best evidence of this. Since 2019/2020, it has offered a number of new programs that rely on data science, and all related to new technologies, such as virtual reality, virtual imagination, drone technology, and robotics. These specializations also include computer engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, smart city technology, and blockchain. Since its first stages, the college has been home to departments specializing in computer science, computer engineering, and management information systems. The University is expanding its diverse array of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs encompassing the sciences, computer engineering, network and information security, data science and its applications across various domains of human and administrative sciences, medical engineering and health sciences. The core mission of the college is to embrace internationalism, while keeping abreast of developments taking place in the Arab region, in general, and in the United Arab Emirates, in particular. This includes adapting to the emergence of governmental and private entities operating within these sectors, which demand graduates who meet their rigorous standards, values, knowledge and regulations to engage in meaningful roles.

In a broad assessment of the University of Sharjah's digital presence, it is evident that since its inception in 1997, the institution has made significant strides, largely attributed to the unwavering support and visionary guidance of its founder, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah. Notably, the University has witnessed a remarkable growth in student enrollment, surging from 676 students (both male and female) in 1997 to a staggering 18,543 students from over 100 countries. This places the University of Sharjah at the forefront of universities in the UAE, boasting the highest student population.
The academic and cognitive caliber of our University's student body has markedly enhanced since we raised the acceptance rate for secondary school students. In 1997, the acceptance rate stood at 70%, but as of 2022/2023, it has surged to approximately 92.5%, with a trajectory of continuous improvement. Furthermore, an encouraging aspect of our student body is that over one-third of our students are recipients of scholarships from various sponsoring agencies. Additionally, the enrollment in our postgraduate programs has exceeded 3,000 students, reflecting a significant growth in advanced academic pursuits. At the conclusion of the academic year 2022/2023, the University proudly celebrated a significant milestone with 41,251 graduates. Concurrently, our dedicated faculty has grown to comprise 715 members as of 2023, with ongoing endeavors to attract additional scholars and educators. Meanwhile, our administrative team has expanded to encompass 1,677 members. The academic landscape at our institution has also flourished, featuring a robust offering of 127 accredited programs spanning 14 colleges. To further address the evolving societal demands across various emerging knowledge domains, we are actively developing numerous new programs.
The University of Sharjah Medical Complex, with its four colleges and two hospitals, is unique in providing comprehensive health and medical education in the United Arab Emirates. The number of memorandums of understanding signed with national and regional institutions and international universities has reached more than 200 memorandums of understanding or cooperation agreements. The construction of nine distinct libraries with a total area of more than 43,000 square meters has been completed and includes many paper and electronic resources that support the mission of education and scientific research of the university. Several research institutes, centers and research groups have been established over the past years, and they are involved in a wide range of interdisciplinary scientific research directed towards promoting development in the region and beyond.
The University of Sharjah Medical Complex stands as a unique institution in the United Arab Emirates, distinguished by its four colleges and two hospitals dedicated to offering comprehensive health and medical education. To underscore our commitment to collaboration and knowledge exchange, we have established over 200 memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements with national, regional, and international institutions and universities. In our pursuit of academic excellence, we have completed the construction of nine distinct libraries spanning a total area of more than 43,000 square meters. These libraries house an extensive collection of both physical and electronic resources, all aimed at supporting the University's educational and scientific research missions. Over the years, we have also founded various research institutes, centers, and research groups. These entities are actively engaged in a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary scientific research endeavors, all geared toward advancing development not only in our region but also on a global scale.
The University of Sharjah includes 200 modern laboratories that provide strong applied expertise and skills and support scientific research in many disciplines. The University has more than 60 networked computer laboratories equipped with the latest hardware and software.
Our state-of-the-art sports complexes offer students the opportunity to engage in a diverse array of recreational and competitive sports activities, enriching their university experience. Additionally, the campus hosts three mosques and modern student housing facilities that provide a sense of security and comfort akin to being in the comfort of their own homes.
The remarkable accomplishments of recent years serve as the driving force propelling the University toward the globalization we aspire to achieve. Attaining this status necessitates unwavering commitment and the collaborative efforts of everyone, working together seamlessly towards a shared objective.
The upcoming phase entails strengthening the University's standing in the fields of teaching and learning excellence, fostering advancements in research related to regional development, forging robust community connections, enhancing productivity, and fostering innovation. These efforts aim to maximize the impact of our resources sustainably, guided by effective leadership and collective dedication, all underpinned by a strong belief in our capacity to attain these objectives.
The University of Sharjah cordially invites you to be a part of this exceptional journey, reminding each member of our community of their remarkable potential and accomplishments. We hold firm confidence that you will discover at the University not only what you are seeking but also much more. A warm and hearty welcome to the University of Sharjah.
Professor Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy,
Chancellor of the University