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Award Criteria in the Field of Research

  • Faculty members may not apply for more than one field of the incentive award or combine the application for the incentive award with the Sharjah Islamic Bank Award. Nominations of those who apply for more than one award will not be considered.
  • A maximum limit of four incentive rewards has been set for all areas of the award. Previous recipients of four or more incentive awards are not entitled to apply for the award.
  • Anyone occupying an administrative position from among department chairs, deans, directors of research institutes and centers, or other administrators are not eligible to apply for the Faculty Incentive Award due to the work and activities required as a part of their administrative positions. The Higher Committee for Awards and Incentives shall select those eligible, and occupying administrative positions, for awards recognizing excellence for their administrative work.
  • Faculty members can apply for the award following completion of three years with permanent contracts after joining the university.
  • Recipients of the Faculty Incentive Award, in any of its fields, are required to wait three awards cycles before reapplying for the award in any of its fields. In all cases, the maximum limit for receipt of the incentive award is four awards.
  • Faculty recipients of the incentive award or any other award are not allowed to submit the same materials for which they earlier received such award.
  • Excellence in University service requires recommendations and testimonies from those concerned. Excellence in department service requires a recommendation from the concerned department chairs, as well as from deans and chairs of University committees. Participation in committees is usually not considered distinctive but may be used in evaluating and scoring participation.
  • Excellence in community service requires recommendations and testimonies from stakeholders indicating the impact of service and its importance. Participation in activities is usually not considered a distinction but may be used in evaluating and scoring participation
  • Excellence in education requires recommendations and testimonies from concerned department chairs, students and colleagues, indicating areas of excellence and their impact. Educational activities are usually not considered distinctive even if considered in evaluating scores relating to diverse and modern teaching means and methods.
  • The minimum required to apply for the Faculty Incentive Award in Research is to have a publication rate in periodicals/classified scientific journals of class (A) or (B) of no less than four (4) research papers per year and no less than 12 research papers published during the past three years.
  • Research works submitted for the award in the field of research are required to have been conducted at the University of Sharjah under a principal investigator from the University of Sharjah. Research in which the principal investigator is not affiliated with the University of Sharjah will not be considered.
  • Applicants for the award may not communicate with members of the award committees regarding the evaluation process except in response to committee requests related to completing information and/or the evaluation of applications.
  • Evaluation committees may recommend withholding the award if the minimum threshold for excellence is not demonstrated.
  • The award nomination files submitted by faculty members cannot be returned to applicants before the announcement of award recipients.
  • No exceptions will be granted with regard to the award terms/conditions or application submission deadlines unless upon special approval by the Chancellor of the University.

    1. A faculty member fulfilling the conditions for the incentive award may either apply directly for the award to the deanship of his/her college or be nominated (with his/her approval) by the department chair or college dean. Candidates are required to submit complete files, including the appropriate supporting forms and documents.
    2. Nomination applications and all supporting documents shall be sent to the deanship of each college by the deadlines indicated in the attached table.
    3. The deanship of each college shall form a committee consisting of faculty members in the college, which shall have the mandate to:
      • Study the nominations of faculty members and order them according to the award evaluation criteria and nominate the best candidates meeting the conditions for the award.
      • Coordinate with the college deans to submit the committee’s recommendations to the Chancellor’s Office for presentation to the incentive award evaluation committee before the award application deadline and prepare the documents required for attachment, together with the award nomination letters, from the colleges.
      • Assist faculty members in ensuring that the documents required are complete for submission to the incentive award evaluation committee.
    4. The deanship of each college shall submit its recommendations for the nomination of faculty members for the award, together with the nominee evaluation forms and files reviewed by the college committees to the Office of the Chancellor using the attached nomination form.
    5. The Chancellor shall form three evaluation committees for the Faculty Incentive Award, according to its three fields, at the beginning of each academic year. Each committee shall have the mandate to:
      • Receive from the Office of the Chancellor the nomination of faculty members for the award and the nominees’ evaluation forms and files reviewed by the college committees.
      • Communicate with the award nominees to receive their nomination applications and all supporting documents through an email provided to the candidates by the said committee.
      • Evaluate nominations based on the materials received from the candidates. Committees shall not be required to search for the required documents and information except for the purpose of verifying that which is submitted by the candidates.
      • Evaluate nominations, order them according to scores and agree on related recommendations and observations.
      • The Chairman of the Committee shall submit the committee deliberation results regarding the nominations, including the ranking order, recommendations and observations, to the Chancellor of the University for presentation to the Higher Committee for Awards and Incentives at the University.
      • Members of the Evaluation Committee shall take into account any conflict of interest and exclude those whose interests are significantly in conflict with the evaluation process. The remaining members shall take into account the relative weight of the evaluation of the excluded member in evaluating, ordering and making recommendations regarding the nominations with which there was a conflict of interest.
      • Members of the committee shall evaluate the nominations individually, independently or collectively, according to the number of applications and that which was agreed upon at the beginning of the committee meetings after which the evaluation results will be collected and upon which the committee will deliberate to reach a final ranking order, according to scores, and agree upon its recommendations.
      • The evaluation committees have the right to communicate with college deans, department chairpersons or others concerned for the purpose of completing information and evaluating applications.
      • Nominations not received by the specified award deadlines shall be excluded unless upon special approval by the Chancellor of the University.
    6. The University Higher Committee for Awards and Incentives shall be chaired by the Chancellor and include the membership of the Vice Chancellors (i.e. Academic Affairs, Research and Graduate Studies and Medical Colleges and Health Sciences) and the chairs of the specialized evaluation committees. It shall consider the results and recommendations of the Evaluation Committees, and shall retain the authority to reconsider such results before making its final decisions regarding research award recipients.

Award Criteria in the Field of Research

Nominations by the annual Faculty Incentive Award Committee in the field of research shall be ranked and placed in order, according to scores, after first verifying their compliance with the terms/conditions and procedures for the award. Following is the scoring table for the award evaluation criteria:

Evaluation Item Evaluation Criteria
Total Score
  • Only Q1 and Q2 journal rankings will be considered
  • A min of 12 and max of 20 publications can be submitted.
  • Papers will be given 20 pts if in  a class A journal.
  • Papers will be given 10 pts if in a class B journal.
  • Papers evaluation depends on the subject matter, whether the candidate is the first/corresponding author or co-author of the article, and on impact factor and number of citations for the submitted paper.
  • 200 pts. Will be granted for each research article listed in top 1% cited publications
  • Candidates who published 50 paper or more for the last three years will be granted an extra 100 points.
Registered patent (each patent is equivalent to a class A journal).
  • 20 pts. for each international patent.
  • 10 pts. for each national patent.
  • The evaluation depends on the position of the inventor, whether she/he is the first or second inventor, etc. of the patent.
  • A patent application will not be considered.
  • There is no limit to the number of patents that may be considered.
  • Patents should be filled through the University of Sharjah. Patents filled outside are not accepted.
Competitive or collaborative external and internal funding for research, including the transfer of cash to the University.
  • 20 pts. for external grant research (principal invest​igator and Co-principal investigator).
  • 10 pts. for internal grant research (principal investigator only).
  • A maximum of two (2) such external grants and one (1) internal grant may be considered.
Books/Book chapters; conferences
  • Classified as A; 8 points
  • Classified as B: 4 points.
  • Evaluation also depends on whether the candidate is the first author, or co-author.
Creative works
  • Evaluated based on its international/national recognition
  • Evaluation also depends on whether the candidate is the first author or second author.
Other contributions/criteria
  • H-index
  • Number of applicant citations in the last Three years
  • Supervision of graduate students
  • Received research awards (should be prestigious awards)
  • Active international research collaboration. Indicated by joint projects/publications
  • Editorial board member of refereed journals
  • Participation in committees or chairing sessions in academic conferences

  • The above contributions are also weighed and considered for evaluation.
A + B + C+D+E+F

    Documents required to be submitted by faculty members in the field of Research
  • Copies of digital object identifier (DOI) for all publications. If publications do not contain a DOI, then the electronic / print versions of all publication.
  • Copies of patents granted.
  • Copies of scientific activities, editorial board memberships and review activities.
  • Copies of award letters for external and internal grants.
  • Copies of conference abstracts with acceptance letter.
  • Research award application form.

  • Documents required to be submitted by colleges in the field of Research
  • A letter of nomination by the college dean for the best nominations fulfilling the award conditions together with appropriate notes and recommendations.
  • The nomination evaluation form for the award, indicating the college committee evaluation of the nomination files.

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