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Faculty Award

  • The award includes the research of faculty members published or accepted for publication in high quality scientific journals during the spring or summer semester of the previous academic year or the fall semester of the current academic year. Research completed outside the University of Sharjah for which the principal investigator is from outside the University will not be considered.
  • The minimum requirement to apply for the award is for the research to be published or accepted for publication in a top quarter of journals in the same specialization of the research topic with the topic of the research be classified in the journal in first quarter (Q1) (or equivalent for publications in Arabic).
  • Faculty members may not apply for more than one award during the same academic year, including the Faculty Incentive Award or the Sharjah Bank Award. Nominations for those who apply for more than one award will not be considered.
  • The Sharjah Islamic Bank Award shall be issued in the name of the winning research work. The principal investigator shall submit the award on behalf of and with the approval of his/her coauthors from the University of Sharjah. The principal investigator shall receive the award on behalf of his/her research coauthors from the University of Sharjah.
  • Research work that previously won this award or any other award cannot be resubmitted for the award, and the principal investigator shall not submit other research for the award in subsequent years since the award may be granted only one time to the same principal investigator.
  • Applicants for the award are not permitted to communicate with members of the award committees regarding the award except in response to requests regarding completion of information and/or the evaluation of applications.
  • No exceptions will be granted with regard to the award terms/conditions or application submission deadlines unless upon special approval by the Chancellor of the University.

    1. The principal investigator, with the written consent of the participating researchers from the University of Sharjah, shall submit the award application as the principal investigator through the department to the Dean of the College, attaching all required documents, forms, and evidence, including a self-evaluation of the research, according to the award evaluation form.
    2. The Deanship of each college shall form a committee consisting of faculty members from the college, which shall have the mandate to:
      • Study the nominations and choose the best research, according to the award evaluation criteria, to be nominated by the college.
      • Coordinate with the Dean of the College to submit the committee’s recommendations to the Chancellor for presentation it to the Sharjah Islamic Bank Award Committee before the award deadline and prepare the documents required to be attached by the colleges with the award nomination letters.
      • Assist faculty members nominated for the award to ensure the documents required are complete for submission to the evaluation committee.
      • The deanship of each college shall submit its recommendations for the nomination of faculty members for the award, together with the nominee evaluation forms and files reviewed by the college committees to the Office of the Chancellor using the attached nomination form.
    3. The Chancellor shall form an Evaluation Committee for the Sharjah Islamic Bank Award at the beginning of each academic year, which shall have the mandate to:
      • Communicate with the colleges nominees for the award to complete their nomination requests so that the nominations are evaluated based on the materials received from the candidates. Committees shall not be required to search for the required documents and information except for the purpose of verifying that which is submitted by the candidates.
      • Evaluate projects, place them in order according to their scores, and agree on recommendations and observations related to the projects.
      • The Chairman of the Committee shall submit the committee deliberation results regarding the refereed research, including the ranking order, recommendations and observations to the Chancellor for presentation to the Higher Committee for Awards and Incentives at the University.
      • Members of the Evaluation Committee shall be excluded from the evaluation of research in which they participated or supervised and not engage in any deliberations evaluating such research, ranking the research according to scores, or in making any observations or recommendation. The remaining members shall take into account the relative weight of the evaluation relating to the excluded evaluation member in ranking and making recommendations regarding the research in which the said member participated or supervised.
      • Each member of the committee shall evaluate research in an individual and independent manner after which the evaluation results will be collected and upon which the committee will deliberate to reach a final ranking order, according to scores, and agree upon its recommendations.
      • Evaluation committees may communicate with the concerned deans and heads of departments, or others concerned, for the purpose of completing information and evaluating applications.
      • Nominations not received by the specified award deadlines shall be excluded unless upon special approval by the Chancellor of the University.
    4. The University Higher Committee for Awards and Incentives shall be chaired by Chancellor and include the membership of the Vice Chancellors (i.e. Academic Affairs, Research and Graduate Studies and Medical Colleges and Health Sciences) and the chairs of the awards evaluation committees. It shall consider the results and recommendations of the Evaluation Committees, and shall retain the authority to reconsider such results before making its final decisions regarding research award recipients.

Research projects nominated by the Sharjah Islamic Bank Award Evaluation Committee shall be ranked and placed in order, according to scores, after first verifying their compliance with the terms/conditions and procedures for the award. Following is the scoring table for the award evaluation criteria:

Evaluation Criteria Highest Maximum Score
Level of the journal in which the research was published in relation to the specialization? * 40
Scientific value of research, including its originality, subject matter, theoretical or practical nature, research methods and contribution to the discovery of knowledge. 20
Importance of the research results, output and potential impact in relation to serving the  community of Sharjah, wider community and/or the University of Sharjah 30
Is the volume of work commensurate with the number of research participants? 10
Total 100

* Taking into consideration the ranking of journals with respect to the research field.

  • A letter of nomination for the award, signed by all UOS faculty members participating in the research, indicating their approval for application of the award by the principal investigator, in addition to the self-evaluation of the research, according to the evaluation criteria, and a contact detail of the applicant.
  • A copy of the research published or accepted for publication in a journal and information on the date of publication or acceptance for publication.
  • Information on the journal in which the research was published or accepted for publication in terms of the journal classification, impact factor, databases classifying it, and publisher information (according to the relevant form).

  • A letter of nomination by the Dean for one research work that fulfills the conditions of the award with the appropriate notes and recommendations in this regard.
  • The completed project evaluation form for the nominated research work which shall indicate the evaluation of the project by the College Committee.

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