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Chair's Welcome

​When I have joined the University of Sharjah in the academic year 2017-2018; I have been assigned to establish the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) under the Vice Chancellor Office for Research and Graduate Studies. The UOS has mandate of making the university a research-intensive university and well recognized within the UAE and the region, and to contribute to the knowledge-based economy of the Sharjah Emirate and the UAE. Therefore, the TTO was established to manage the Intellectual Property and protect the innovative research outcomes at UOS. The TTO helps the UOS to achieve its mission and vision for research excellence and innovation by providing the framework that governs the intellectual property rights of its faculty, staff and students as well as the ownership and commercial development of the inventions, discoveries and creative works made at or under the auspices of UOS. It also oversees the commercialization and licensing of such inventions to the industry and collaborate with the Research Funding Department to facilitate sustainable research within the University of Sharjah and the community.