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Responsibilities of the Technology Transfer Office

  • Ensures that any invention conceived by faculty, enrolled students, staff employed by the university is legally protected to Inventors and offers them legal protection as per the university IP policy.
  • Encourages innovative work and supports Inventors to protect their Intellectual Property rights in order to be able to capture the financial benefits of their inventions.
  • Provides oversight of Intellectual Property management and technology transfer.
  • Manages the IP budget allocated for the patent filing, application prosecution and legal consultation.
  • Implements policies and procedures for patenting and licensing of Intellectual Property and exploiting Intellectual Property created by university's Inventors, and review then regularly.
  • Promotes effective distribution and marketing of Intellectual Property.
  • Ensures that the creating, retaining, and the using of the Intellectual Property are according to applicable UAE and international laws, and in line with the University Policies.
  • Evaluates the commercial potential of Intellectual Property.
  • Obtains and maintains the necessary legal protection,
  • Takes the required actions to maximize the benefits of any Intellectual Property to the public, the Inventor(s), the University and its members.
  • Advises the Inventor(s) and the University Community on the process and best practices for protecting and commercializing Intellectual Property.