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In an effort to promote the University of Sharjah ​and to enhance its stature, both short and long term​ strategic  objectives of scientific research publications are developed by adopting  a rigorous and well-establish  policies  for peer evaluation  of the authorized textbooks and reference books and further developing the scientific journals of the University within the framework of outstanding publishing. From this standpoint the  University of Sharjah Journal aims at contributing to the development, enrichment and dissemination of knowledge through publishing original scientific research and scientific critical reviews articles in the fields of the journal-related subjects. Accordingly the University is currently issuing the following peer evaluations scientific publications:

1-A refereed scientific journal is  issued in two series:

2-Referees authored books  including:  Text Book , Reference Book and  Knowledge Book  
3-Publishing Scientific  reports
4-Publishing referees  Conference and Symposia Proceedings

Each of these have their own process  and developing policies for setting  the  rules and regulations  towards  establishing   well and fair mechanism procedure  for  peer evaluation of these research scientific  publications. Find below the outlines implementation of the procedure used for peer evaluation of  the main two  scientific and research publications:


A)     The authors book publications  [Text Book , Reference Book and  Knowledge Book ]

The first step: The academic department concern reviews the application submitted by the faculty member of the university  and ensures that all requirements for funding authored book  are met, including mainly the following:
  • The scientific, literary or artistic value of the book.
  • The book manuscript is in the area of specialization of the faculty member.
  • The faculty member must be a holder of a Ph.D. and must be a full-time employee at the time of application for funding the publishing of his/her book.
  • The content of the manuscript must be consistent with the terminology and course description in the study plan of the college in case it is a textbook.

    The second step is the action taken by the scientific  publishing unit  once its receiving the application. This is  including start the  process of  well-establish procedure  dealing with publishing requirements which  mainly include the following:
  • Critical review of application  form  submitted for funding of authored books by faculty members.
  • Follow-up of refereeing procedures for authored book  within approved criteria.
  • Upon fulfilling all requirements, making recommendations to the office of the Chancellor to approve funding the  authored book.
  • Designing the book cover in consultation with the author of the book
  • Follow-up on printing press matters until the book is printed and issued.
  • Follow-up the conclusion of the contract between the University and the author.
  • Each book shall be assigned its own ISBN (International Standard Book Number) by
    the concerned authority in order to protect copyright privileges and intellectual
    property rights.


B)       Sharjah University  scientific journals

Each of the two Specialized Scientific Journals is supervised  by Editorial Board which  are composed of General Supervisor [The Chancellor] , Editor-in-chief [ Acting Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies] , Managing  Editor , Editorial Secretary and five  distinguished faculty members representing the concerned specializations in each journal . 

The Editorial Board is charged with the following tasks and powers:
  • Developing policies and rules for publication of the journal.
  • Making decisions for acceptance or rejection of publishing research in the Journal based upon referees' recommendations.
  • Ensuring that research published in the Journal is of the highest scientific quality.
  • Following-up the refereeing of incoming research for publishing and objectivity of refereeing.