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Volume 16

​Issue 1

1Medical Permission from the Perspectives of Shari'a and UAE Law: Artificial Insemination as an Example
Shaikha Ahmed Al Taffaq

The Effect of the Purposes of Shari'a on the Understanding of Hadiths

Abdullah Mohammad Charbgoo \ Fatima Hafiz Irshud UL.Haq \ Kassem Ali Saad


 The Philosophy of Islamic Sharia in the Testimony of Women: A Comparative Study in Jurisprudence and Law 

Salim Ali Alrjoub


Fath Al-Kabeer Al-Muta'al Explanation of the Indoctrination of Some Mysterious Words by Allah the Almighty

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Mashhadany

5Applications of the Emerging Conditions Theory in Installment Sale and "Murabaha" for the Purchase Order in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law
Arif Mohammed Aljanahi
6The Oath of Office in Islamic Jurisprudence
Salem Abdullah Abu Mukhdd'a \ Khalil Mohammad Qannan
7The Crime of Dumping e-mail with SPAM in UAE Legislation: a Comparative Juristic Study
Hamza Abed AlKarim Hammad
8The Difference between the Linguistic Condition and the Other Mental, Legal and Normal Conditions as Discussed by Imam Al-Qarafi in his Book "Al-Furouq"
Jehad Mustafa Mhamad Saleem \ Mohmmad Mahmoud Alemoush
9Significance of the Story of Sabbath Breakers in the Holy Quran
Hasan Salem Habshan
10Cryptocurrencies "Bitcoin" and the Extent of their Compliance with Islamic Money Regulations
Basem Ahmed Aamer
11Hadith Movement in Sijistan region
Kolthoom Mohammed Hared \ Mohammed Abullais Shamsuddin Mohammed Yaqub
12The Origins and Rules Regulating the Work of the Authorized Marriage Officer in Islamic Jurisprudence and the UAE Law
Saeed Ghulam Mohammed Al Balushi \ Mohammed Ali Sumeeran
13Methodology of Studying Jurisprudence Issues in Saudi Arabian Universities -Law Sections: an Analytical Descriptive Study
Naif Jmaan Juraidan
14"Al-Hadith Al-Mawqouf" Whose Narration is Attributed to a Companion: a Critical study
Mohamad Ragheb Jetan
15The Qur'anic Verse "O my people, here are my daughters": a Comparative Interpretation
Marwan Ali Alnaqbi
16Educational Curriculum for Building Aqidah in Light of Surat Al-Mulk
Shaher Deib Muhamad Abu Shrakh \ Mahmoud Jamal Alsalkhi
17The Principle of Shura in the Political Jurisprudence of Ibn Ashour: A Comparative Jurisprudential Study
Abdul Hameed Zafarul Hassan
18Commercial Insurance between Risk and Jurisprudential Need
Maher Hussein Haswa 
19Reasons of Changing of Ijtihad (Under the call to change the provisions of legitimacy according to a new vision)

Nedal Daoud Eleiwat

20The Conflict of Principles as Viewed by Malikis: Definition, Reasons and Ways of Settlement
Abdelmounaim ibn Mohmmed
21The Amount of Leasing Waqf As Viewed by Scholars of Islam and its Applications in Trengano, Malaysia: an Analytical Jurisprudential Study
Abdul Bari Awang \ Wan Nazihah bint Wan Abdurrazzaq \ Amilah Bint Abdurrahman Awang Jousah
22The Juristic Authentication Code of the Judicial Conduct of the Jordanian Judiciary Council of 2017

Raed Ali Alkordi

23The Principle of Precaution and its Implementation among Jurisprudentially-Oriented Maliki Scholars of Hadith
Zouheir Hsein
24The Rules of Using Shari'a Purposes in the Fatwa
Khaled Abdulwahab Mustafa
Explanation of Qur'an Purposes and its Importance in Laying the Foundation of Dialogue with Others  
Ahmed Abdulkareem Alkubise

Issue 2

​Paper Title
Narrators Whose Companionship is Controversial among Muslim Scholars and Who Have Only One Narrated Hadith in Sunan Ibn Majah: Collection and Study
Ibrahim Mohamed Farage \ Awad Alkhalaf
Origin and Controls of the Work of the Marriage Official in Islamic Jurisprudence and the UAE Law
Saeed Ghulam Al Baloushi \ Muhammad Ali Sumeran
Politeness of Discourse between Fathers and Sons from a Qur’anic Perspective (Prophet Ibrahim – Peace be Upon Him – as a Model)
Odeh Abed Abdullah
The English Philosopher Thomas Carlyle and his Reading of the Prophetic Biography: Presentation and Criticism
Saed Mohammed Bawaneh \ Abdul Razzaq Ahmed Ragab
​The Marriage of Underage Girls between Shari’a and Law
Saleh Khaled Al-Shqairat
​The Difference between Obligatory Speech and Declaratory Speech as Explained by Imam Al-Qarafi in his Book Anwar al-Buruq fi-Anwa al-Furuq
Jehad Mustafa Mohamad Saleem \ Mohammad Mahmoud Alemoush
​Al-Nisa’i’s Approach in Reporting Hadith Narrations by the Trustworthy among Those Who Had Memory Lapses in his Book Al-Sunan The case of Husaenibn Abdel-Rahman Abo Hothael Al- Solamey as an example
Youssef Gouda Yasien Youssef
​Semantic Dimensions in Surat AL-Noor: an Applied Study
Mayada Rushdi Akawi
​Hadiths Regarding Islamic Ruling on Living in Non- Muslim Countries
Abdelaziz Seghir Dakhane
​Excellent Guidance of the Available Guidance by Abou Al-Ikhlass Hassan Bin Ammar Bin Ali Al-Massri Al- Wafae Al-Shrnblali Al-Hanafi (Died in 1069 A.H.): Study and Verification
Hazim Mohammed Al-khateeb
The Effect of Dividing Common Money: a Comparative Study in Islamic Jurisprudence and Arab Laws
Nadia Abedalali Kathim
​Purchasing with Bitcoin according to the Issuer from the Perspective of Islamic Law and the UAE Civil Transaction Law
Sadiya Hussein Osman
Defects of the Prophetic Tradition by Means of “Maintaining the Path of Narration”: its Affirmation or Denial Signs in Ibn Hajar’s Book Nataaej Al-Afkar
Abdullah Mohammad Charbgoo \ Awad Alkhalaf
​Human Narrative Speech in the Noble Quran and its Relation to the Words of Allah
Ahmad Hussein Alshyyab
​The Change of Islamic Economic Ruling with the Change of the Stages of the Economic Cycle
Hassan Muhammed Al-Rifai
Occasions in Tantawi’s Intermediate Exegesis of the Holy Quran: Practical Examples from Surat Al-Baqarah
Hasan Salem Habshan
​The Management and Investment of Waqf Properties in Ajman (UAE) by Dar Al Bir Association: The Case of the Building in SWAN Area (an Authenticating Study) The building in ‘SWAN’ area, as a model): A Rootological Study
Abdussalam Saeed Karim \ Hassan Muhammed Al-Rifai
Islamic Ruling on Obliging the Offender to Choose a Specific Method of Diyya (Retribution) Payment in Islamic Fiqh
Jamal Ahmad Zaid Kelani
​The Term ‘Apparent’ as Defined by Scholars: A Semantic Study
Marwan Ali Alnaqbi \ Nayel Mamdoh Abuzaid
​Investing Waqf (Endowment) Funds in Shari’a Law: its Forms, Risks and Controls: a Comparative Study of Waqf Law in Sharjah
Madou Sylla
​The Relationship between the Extent of Understanding the Reasons of Exaggeration and Religious Extremism and its Manifestations among Arab Secondary School Students in Malaysia 
Mohammed Azhar Alnedawi
The Independence of Shari’a Supervisory Boards and their Role in Promoting Islamic Banking According to Governance Standards
Ibraheem Abed Alhaleem Eobadh \ Kholood Ahmed Tanash
Vicarious Testimony in Islamic Jurisprudence and Positive Law
Aaesha Easa ALshehhi \ Muhammad Ali Sumeran
​Ijtihad Controls in Virtual Issues: an Authenticating Study
Mubarak Saud Asfour Al-Ajmi \ Muhammad Ali Sumeran
The Politeness of Desertion of the Prophet Mohammed ( BPUH): an objective Qur’anic study
Mohsen Sameh Al-Khaldi \ Wael Khalil Abu Arqoub
Applications of Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek Described in the Financial Disclosure of Islamic Banks in the United Arab Emirates: A Juristic Critical Study
Ibrahim Ali Almansoori