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Volume 8

Number 1

Download Title Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Social Processes in the Holy Quran
Dr. Emad Abdel Karim ِArabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Authoritativeness of Voice Recording as a Criminal Proof in the light of Islamic Jurisprudence
D. Jaber Ismail Ahadjahjh Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Steering away from Jurisprudence Disagreements: The Concept and its Applications
Dr. Mohammed Suleiman al-Noor Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png A Study of the Contribution of Imam Abu Ali ibn al-Qali al-Baghdadi in Al amali on the linguistic Interpretation of the Verses of the Holy  Qur’an Dr. Mohammed bin Ibrahim bin Fadhil al-Mashadani Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Civil Liability of the Certification Service Provider
Dr. Alaa Khasawneh
Dr. Aymen Masadeh
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Verification of the 405th Session of a Book Titled Al-Amali by Thiqit al-Deen Abil-Qasim Ali bin Al-Hasan bin Hibit Allah bin Abdulla bin al-Husain Al-Shaf’i as Narrated by abi Muhammed Makki bin Al-Muslim bin Makki bin Khalaf bin ‘Allan Al-Qaisi
Dr. Su’ad bint Ja’far Hammadi


Number 2 

Download Title Author Language
The Position of the Jordanian Legislator in Dealing with Restrictive Conditions Appears in Licensing Contracts
Dr. Murad M. Al-Mawjdeh
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Religion : Concept, Uses and Importance
Dr. Ahmed Hakki
Dr. Osman J. Dmerieh
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Weak Hadeeth Inference Regarding Virtues Deeds and Issues of Provisions
Dr. Abdel Jalil Damrah Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Weakness of the Narration of the Prophet (pbuh) Trying to Commit Suicide from a Mountain as Mentioned in Al–Bukhari and other Books of Sunnah
Dr. Tariq Altawari Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Forms of Bidding and It’s impact on Stock Exchange
Dr. Mubarak Al-Harbi Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Crime of Endangering Others in French Penal Law
Dr. Rana Ibrahim Atour Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Legal Protection of Privacy and Personal Data with Regard to Information Science
Dr. Alaa Khaswneh
Dr. Firas Kasassbeh
Dr. Lafi Deradkeh

Number 3

Download Title Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Characteristics of the Evaluation Process in the Light of Quran Verses Precious (Analytical study)
Dr. Muhammad Al-Qudah
Dr. Salah Abu Arad
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Imam Sufian Al-Thawri’s Approach in Justice, Adjustment and Esnad
Dr. Muhammad Al-Mufti Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Forbidden Procrastination : Its Concepts, Forms, Causes, Maanifestations, and Provisions (A Jurisprudential Social Study)
Dr. Osama Adnan Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Right of the Accuse to A Speedy Criminal Trial
Prof. Aqel Y. Makableh
Dr. Mamoun M. Abu Zitoun
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Theory of Epidemics in Islamic Jurisprudence
Dr. Hussein Al Dhahab Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Legal Implication for Transforming General Partnership
Hussein Ahmad Muhammad El-Gashemy Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Legal Adaption of the Electronic Partial Contract in the Jordanian and Emirati Law
Dr. Nael Ali Masadeh Arabic