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Volume 14

Issue 1



The Criminal Responsibility of Ministers in the Saudi Constitutional System: A Comparison with Similar Systems in (Kuwait, Jordan and France)

Saud Falah Alharbi


Cosmetic Surgery and the Impact of the Husband's Permission on its Legal Status

Shaikha Ahmed Al-Taffaq


The Components of the State of Mecca and Its Position in the International Community Before Islam: An Analytical study of the Arab System of Government in the Structure of International Law

Jassim Mohammed Zakariya


Agency Contract in Investing in international Murabaha: a Jurisprudential Study

Salman Daeej Boussaid \ Amin Ahmed Al-Nahari


Copyright in Islamic Sharia: a Comparative Study with UAE Copyright Law

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Chihhi


The Prophet's Approach in Promoting Positive Behavior Towards the  Environment

Adel Abdul Rashid Abdul Razzeq


Quranic Readings and Presumptive Significance: A Theological Study

Anas Ahmad Moazzen


Abd-AlRahman Habannaka's Interpretation Rules

Asma AbdulRahman Zaeter \ Nusar Asaad Nusar


The Concept of (Ummah's Reception of Hadith with Acceptance) in Hadith Criticism

Mohammad Mokhtar Derar Al-Mofti


The Effect of the Principle of Legality on the Authenticity of Penal Evidence in Algerian Law

Abdelkader Kamel Bekkadar \ Mohammed Nour Eddinne Abdessalam


The Legal System of Mobile Payment in Jordanian Legislation

Alaeddine Abdulla Al-Khasawnah


The Legal Status of Algerian Women in the Constitution, International Conventions and Islamic Law

Dalila Mohamed Berraf \ Ridha Abd El Hamid Deghbar


The System of Alternative Penalties and Measures:            a Specially Featured System for a Changing Punitive Philosophy

Ahmed Mousa Hayejneh


Immunity of the Diplomatic Envoy: Prosecution or Impunity?

Shadi Adnan Alshdaifat


Legal Administration of the Electronic Agent at Saudi System

Nessrien Sulman Mansowr


Issue 2



The Principle of Justice and Equality in Islam: an Empirical Study of the Speech of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah

Turki Hassan Al – Qahtani


The principle of Responsibility in the Speech of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah: An Applied Study in Social and Family Reform

Nabil Juma Al-Abri \ Zakaria  Hafiz Muhammad


Zakat on Money Acquired During One Year and Some of its Contemporary Applications
Ghazi Saeed Almatrafi
80-57​ Arabic

The applicability of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods on software Contracts: a Comparative Analytical Study

Shuq Hussen Shwiky


Vicarious Liability of the Superior for the Acts of the Subordinate in English Law: an Analytical and Comparative Study between Iraqi and Emirati Laws

Younis Salahuddin Al-Mukhtar        

107-139​ Arabic

​Prestige of the Islamic State in the Era of Prophecy

Mohammed Abdullah Al Hammadi


Preservation of Property and its Implications in Characterizing Medical Eventualities

Jaydaa Rajab Seyam \ Najmaldeen Kadir Kareem AlZanki

167-201​ Arabic

Narrators - Renown for Israelites - in Sahih al-Bukhari (Abu Al-Aliyah and Ibn Jareej as Examples)

Sundos Adel Al-Obaid 

202-228 Arabic

​Criminal Protection of Children from Pornography in the Jordanian Electronic Crimes Act and Comparative Legislations
AbdulelIah Mohammad Al-Nawayseh

The Civil Responsibility of Credit Rating Agencies for the Misjudgment of Rating Risks

Mohammad Sulaiman Alahmed \ Abdulkareem Saleh Abdulkareem    

 263-289​ Arabic

​The Method of Hadith Criticism and Historical Narrations
Hamid Youssef Goufi

290-324 Arabic

​Criminal Protection of the Sanctity of Religions from Contempt In Law No. 2 of 2015 On Combating Discrimination and Hatred in the UAE

Mohammad Amin Alkrisheh   

325-348​ Arabic

​The Role of the Bahraini Constitutional Court in the Protection of Public Rights and Freedoms

Marwan Mohammed Mahroos Al Moders    

349-378​ Arabic

​Protection of Private Property in the Provisions of the Bahraini Constitutional Court in the Light of the Legislation Regulating Such Protection

Marwan Mohammed Mahroos Al Moders \ Khaleel Mohammad Abdullah      

   379-413​ Arabic

Material Compensation for Abstract Moral Damage in Islamic Jurisprudence and the UAE Civil Transactions Act

Mahmoud Majeed Alkubaisy \ Maher Hussein Haswa      

414-443​ ​Arabic

Slave Emancipation: Analytical Study of the Torah, the Bible and the Quran

Hamza Abed Alkarim Hammad  

  1-20​ English​