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Volume 15

Issue 1

Social Reality of Saudi Society as Played on YouTube: A Study on Broad Cast Show Videos
"AlJohara Abd Al Mohsen AlKhalaf "
 2.The Impact of Knowledge Factors and Study Methods on Placing Student’s on Academic Probation at Sultan Qaboos University: a Field Study
"Muneer Abdallah Karadsheh \ Rahma Ibrahiam Al-Mahruqia"
 3.The Degree of Fulfillment of Ethical Responsibility by Arab Kids’ Channels: Analysis of the Concept of the Hidden Curriculum 
"Aamani K.Hamdan Alghamdi / Huda Mohammed Almulhem / Asmaa Radi Khanfar"
 4.An Exploratory Study of the Portfolio of Citizen’s Perceptions and Attitudes toward the Effects of Tourism, Tourism Development and the Sustainable Planning for Tourism in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: the Governorate of Erbil as a Model 
"Mohamed Mohamed Hasan Aalyasin"
 5.The lament by the Saudi poet Ismail Albishri entitled (Alrahleen): Stylistic reading
"Adndn Mahmoud Obeidat"
Saudi Public Attitudes towards Privacy in Mobile Advertising and Methods of its Protection
"Hassan Neazy Al-Saify"
 7.The Theory of Poetry Aesthetics from the Point of View of Andalusian Philosophers: Ibn Rushd as a Case Study
"Omar Faris ALkafaween"
 8.The Image of the Captain In the Gulf Theatrical Scripts
"Yahya Saleem Issa"
 9.Evoking the Character of Abi Thar Al- Ghafari in Contemporary Jordanian Poetry: Descriptive-Analytical Study
"Imad Abd-Elwahhab Dumour"
 10.The Use of Structural Equation Modeling in Social Sciences
"Abdenaceur Elhachemi Azouz"
 11.Suggested Teaching Procedures in the Light of the Introduction to the Text and its Impact on Improving the Writing Skills of High School Students
"Ahmed Said Mahmoud Al-Ahwal"
12. Maintaining National Identity of Kuwaiti Students Studying in Western Higher Education Institutions: a Non-Market Benefit of K-12 Education in Kuwait
"Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Alqahtani "
 13.Job Demands and Resources as Antecedents of Strain: a Mediated Moderation Model of Work Engagement and Job Control
"Malek Turki Jdaitawi"
The Effect of Polygyny on the Quality of Life of Senior Wives in Kuwait
"Anwar Fares Alkhurinej \ Maha Mishari Al-sejari"
Beckett’s Power-Full Signifiers: the Semiotics of Power in Beckett’s Catastrophe
"Khaled Besbes"

Issue 2

The Effectiveness of Housing Programs in Saudi Arabia
"Waheed Abdulrahman Banafea \ Abdullah Khaled Ibnrubbian"
The Risks of Islamic Financing and Investment Formulas from the Perspective of Workers in Islamic Banks
"Sadeq Ahmed Abdullah  AL-Sabae"
Evaluation of Vital Statistic Forms in Saudi Arabia
"Faten Hudayban Almutairi \ Rushood Mohammed Alkhraif"
Health Media in the U.A.E from Academic and Medical Perspectives: a Field Study 
"May Abdul Wahid Al-Khaja"
The Effectiveness of Realistic Counseling in Reducing the Sadness, Grief, and Reactions Associated with the Sudden Loss of Children among Mothers: a Counseling, Clinical Case Study
"Mosleh Moslem Al-Majali"
Perception of the Saudi Female Workers of the Problem of Glass Ceilings: a Field Study on Governmental Bodies in Riyadh city
"Abdulmalek Taher Ahajj \ Nouf Abdullah Al Naser"
Abu Tammam Between Ibn Al Moataz and Abu Bakr Al-Suli
"Omar Hasan Alameri \ Mohammad Issa Al-Hourani"
The Analysis of Footage in Television Discourse: Concepts, Theoretical Frameworks, and Analytical Methods 
"Jamal Mohammad Abdelhai"
Existential Anxiety and Academic Procrastination among Students of Al-Azhar University in Gaza
"Zuheir Abdul Hamid El.Nawajha \ Ramadan Azezi Baraka"
The Role of Interactivity on the Websites of Arab Satellite Channels in Promoting Freedom of Opinion and Expression in Iraq
"Ammar Tahir Mohammed \ Ahmed Abdul Sattar Hussein"
Life-Satisfaction and its Relation to Self-Efficacy Belief, Depression and Psychological Loneliness among a Sample of People with Visual Disabilities in Kuwait
"Amthal Hady Al-Hawailah"
The Views of Users of Financial Statements on the Extent to Which International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS13) Are Applied in Commercial Banks Operating in Palestine
"Issam Mohammed Al Taweel"
Sea as an Interpretive Space in Al-Mo’jiza (the Miracle)
"Alia Mahmoud Saleh"
Models of Modernist Reading of the Arab Critical Heritage between the Obsession of Indigenization and the Challenge of Modernization
"Rashid Ben Yamina"
​Breast Self-examination Knowledge and Practice among Kuwaiti Women
"Maha Mishari Al-Sejari"