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​Issue 1A
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1 A
“Omaima Abouelkheir”

2 A
3 A
The City of al-Munakkab in the Andalusian Era: A Study of Civilizational History (92-895 H.\711-1489 AD)
“Amer Ahmad Al-Qobbaj”

4 A

5 A
“Dheya Abdullah Khamis Al Kaabi”

6 A
“Shuaa Abdulrahman Aljasir”

7 A
The Effects of  Lunar Phases on Agriculture  according to the Islamic Medieval Agricultural Records
“Fouzia Krarraz”

8 A

9 A
“Hala Martini \ Bin Issa Bettaher”

10 A
Emotional Creativity and its Relation to the Ego Identity of Gifted Adolescents in Riyadh
“Muneerah Annan Al Dossari \ Mohamed Al Safi Abdel Karim”

11 A
“Chafai Derouiche” 

12 A
“Mustafa Muhammad Binmayaba”

13 A
“Mohammed Abdullah Al-Abbas”

14 A
The importance of Information and Communications Technology in Achieving African Economic Integration
“Atif Awad”

​15 A
Married Couples’ Perception of the Excessive Use of social media and its Impact on Marital Problems in Saudi Arabia
“Nashmi Hussain Alanazi”

​Issue 1B
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1 B
2 B
3 B
4 B
Folk Medicine and Medical Practices in Contemporary UAE 
“Khawla Mohamed Alkindi / Khireddine Youssef Chatra”

5 B
6 B
The Use of Predictive Accuracy of Curriculum-Based Measurement to Improve the Assessment of Mathematics
“Safiya Abdullah Ahmed Al- Shehhi”

7 B
8 B
9 B
“Ashraf Mohammed Al-Azab \ Walaa Mohamed Shaaban Elsayed \ Salah Samy Jad \ Amoura Hassan Aboutaleb”

10 B

11 B
“Amjad Ahmad Alzoubi / Abdalhameed Mohammad AbuSeeni”
“Amjad Ahmad Alzoubi / Abdalhameed Mohammad AbuSeeni”

12 B
13 B
14 B

How Do Saudi Young Women Express their Aspirations on Social Media Platforms: A Survey Research 
“Abderrahmane Azzi \ Suhad Saud Samman”

​15 B
​16 B