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Volume 17

​Issue 1A
​ ​ ​ ​ ​
1 AThe Moderating Impact of the Big-4 on Audit Committee and Earnings Management: During Pre-Post IFRS Adoption in Malaysia
"Mohamed Salem M.S. Bayou \ Magdi Ahmed Fathi El-Bannany \ Mohamad Ali Bin Abdul Hamid"
2 A
"Heyam Mohammed Al-Shehab"
3 A
"Hatem Saleem Alawneh \ Areen Omar AL-Zou’bi"

4 AThe Nature of the Relationship Between Parents and Juvenile Delinquents in UAE Society: a Survey of Juvenile Institutions in the UAE
"Suaad Mohamed AL Suwaidi"
5 A
"Mohammed Zain Alsadi \ Gawad Mohammed Abdo Alwabr"
6 AThe Philosophy of Humor and Laughter in the Maqamat of Al-Hamathani: Al-Maqama Al-Mosuliya as a Model
"Maryam Ibrahim Ghabban"
7 A
"Ahmed Fawzy Genidy"

8 A
"Salah Abdulaziz Salamah"

9 ATrends of the Members of the Municipal Council in their Exercise of their Roles in the Main Activities of the Municipal Apparatus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a Descriptive study
"Amir bin Muhammad Al-Alwan"
10 A
"Usama Abd alaziz Gaballah"

11 ASubaltern Transformations: a Reading in Al-Mutanabi’s “Oh My Heart is a Flame”
"Yousef M. Oliemat"
12 A
"Ali Najjar Mohammad Hassan"
13 A
"Rashid Saif Almehrizi"
14 A
"Yumna Ahmed Atoum"
​15 A
The Role of Coordination between Municipal Councils and Local Government’s Entities on Level of the Services Provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: an Exploratory Study
"Amir bin Muhammad Al-Alwan"


​Issue 1B
​ ​ ​ ​ ​
1 B
Intertextuality in the Poetry of Suad Alsabah: Historyas an Example
"Adnan Mahmoud Obaidat"
2 B
"Mustafa Abaid Dafak"
3 B
"Ahmed Abdullah AL- Ani"

4 B
Study and Testing of the Relationship betweenPreparing Financial Statements and RationalizingInvestment Decision-Making: An Applied Study onService Companies in the Gaza Strip
"Iskandar Mahmoud Nashwan"
5 B
Aesthetic Image in the Modern Syrian Romantic:Poetry of Nadim Mohamad as a Model
"Rabia’a Mohamad Aisha Mohammed \ Khaled Faras Aaraj"
6 B
The Ability of Family Environment and PsychologicalSecurity to Predict E-Violence among a 14-16 AgeGroup in the Governorate of Khan Yunis in Gaza
"Abdullah Adel Shorap"
7 B
"Mahmoud A.R. Assaf"

8 B
The Establishment of Abu Dhabi Infrastructure from1960 to 1970 

"Mohammed Faris Alfaris"

9 B
The Effect of Teaching through the Use of AugmentedReality System on Developing Creative Thinking Skillsamong Female Students
"Munirah Abdulaziz Altirbaq \ Mohammed Jaber Asiri"
10 B
The Western Newspapers’ Treatment of the Issues ofArmed Groups in the Middle East: A Case Study of theNew York Times, the Daily Mail and the Middle East 
"Majed Noaman Al-Khodari \ Miral Sabry Al-Ashry"

11 B
Review and Evaluation of Muthanna Habyan’sMasterpieces of Diction in the Chapters of the HolyQur’an
"Mohamad Rifat Ahmad Zanjir"
12 B
Child Abuse at Home and School in the United ArabEmirates Society: A Field Study 

"Fakir Mohammed Al Gharaibeh \ Badriya Yousuf Al Farsi \ Aisha Abdalla Almidfa"
13 B
The Impact of Values on the Advancement of Societyand the Role of Senior Management in Finding TheseValues and Orienting Society toward Them: Europeanand Japanese Renaissance as a Model
"Mohammad Charif Mchwh"
14 B
"Alaa Aldin A.R. Al Athmay \ Saadat Alhashmi \ Rafat Alaa Aldin Abdul Rahim"
​15 B
The Use of Infographics in Online Newspapers
"Manar Imad Daher"