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Volume 16

​Issue 1A
​ ​ ​ ​ ​
1 AThe Impact of Women Empowerment on the Participation of Women in the Labor-Force: an Applied study on a Sample of Arab Countries
Hanan Atta Shamlawi \ Nahil Saqfalhait
2 AThe Change in Land Cover Patterns in Al-Gaser Area in Jordan during the Period 1986-2016 through the Application of Remote Sensing GIS Techniques
Taleb Hamd Allah Almasarweh
3 A Is Oil a Curse or a Blessing of Natural Resources for Economic Growth? The Case of Algeria
Nasrine Mayache
4 AThe Effect of a Proposed Model of Assessment for Learning on the Achievement of Sixth-Grade Students in Science
Iman Omar AlAbdulkarim \ Fahad Suliman Alshaya
5 AThe Relationship between Mental and Emotional Intelligence and Academic and Emotional Problems among Middle and High School Students in the Sultanate of Oman
Shamsa Essa Albaloshi \ Said Suliman Aldhafri
6 AThe Effectiveness of I-pad Applications in the Development of Fiuency and Fiexibility Skills among Kindergarten's Children
Alhanouf Musaad Mushayt \ Raja Omar Saeed Bahatheg
7 AHistorical Fiction: the Application of "Historical Imagination" to Basim Khandaqji's Misk al-kifāyah
Nizar Masned Al-Qbilat
8 AThe Changing and the Unchanging in Al-Buhturi's and Al-Mutanabi's Eulogies and their Depiction of the Lion's Battle
Mahmoud Ahmad Al-halholi
9 AIntellectual Security in the Levant and Egypt during the Crusades )490 ـ 692Ah)ـ/(1090 -1291Ad)
Nadjib Abderrahman Benkheira
10 ALiterary Movement in the Court of the Abbasid Caliph Musa al-Hadi (169-170 AH\785-786 AD)
Amer Ahmad  Al-Qobbaj  \ Raed Mustafa Abdel Rahim
11 AThe Impact of Special Economic Zones on the Health and Environmental Conditions of the Population: A Field Study on Duqm in the Sultanate of Oman
Muneer Abdullah Karadsheh \ Samir Ibrahim Hasan \Nasser Rashid Al-Mawali
12 AThe effectiveness of a training program in improving the Working Memory among the students of Reading Disabilities in the Governorate of Muscat
Al-Ghaliya Zaher Al-Abri \ Mohammad Abduhamid Sheikh Hammoud
13 AThe Impact of Knowledge Management on the Application of Accounting Standards An Applied Study on Jordanian Commercial Banks
Ahmad Mohammad Al-Tarawneh \ Amal Yasin Al-Majali
14 ADirect and Indirect Relationship between Public and Private Investment: the Case of Jordan (1976-2014)
Abdullah Muhammad Ghazo \ Bashir Khalifeh Aal-zu'bi
​15 A
Moral Intelligence and itsRelation to Both Self-Esteem and Achievement Motivation among Students of AlAin University of Science and Technology
Hani Yousef Jarrah
16 A

Extending the Knowledge of Earnings Quality Using the AHP- an applied study

Mohamed Salem. M.Bayou \ Kamel Fantazy

​Issue 1B
​ ​ ​ ​
17 B
The Relationship between the Inclination towards Teaching and the Orientation towards Goals among Islamic Education Teachers at the Primary Level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Naif Adeeb Alotaibi
18 BKana and Dhanna and Similar Auxiliaries: Omission of their Syntactic Classes and Parsing of their Subjects and Predicates
Abd Al Kadir Abd Al Rahman Al Saadi
19 BHumor Marketing and its Impact on the Customers' Well-Being by Enhancing the Quality of Social Communication: An Exploratory Study of the Views of a Sample of the Customers of Mobile Telecommunications Companies in Iraq
Hakim Jabore/Ammar Zwain \ Laith Ali
20 BCognitive Style in relation to the Locus of Control among University of Sharjah Students
Bushra Ahmed Al-Akashee
21 BThe Degree of Evaluation of Classroom Management Problems by the Middle School Teachers and its Relation to their Achievement Motivation: a Field Study of the Middle Schools of the city of Metlili Ghardaia - Algeria
Omar Ahmed Hadjadj \ Rabiha Mohammed Kiouas
22 BThe Lexical Characteristics of Words in the Quran and its Expected Effects on the Reader: A Neuro-cognitive Approach
Saleh Abdulaziz Saleh Alzahrani
23 BAcademic and Administrative Determinants of Scientific Output in Higher Education Institutions in the Sultanate of Oman: A Field Study
Muneer Abdullah Karadsheh \ Nasser Rashid Al-Mawali \ Amal Nasser Al-Hashemi
24 BProblems Facing Women Police Workers (WPW): a Field study in the Emirate of Sharjah
Alaa Abdullah Al-Taii
25 BUsing the International Capital Asset Pricing Model in Estimating the Financial Returns Required for the International Investment Portfolio: A Case Study of the International Zain Company
Ali Hameed Al Ali
26 BA Strategy for the Care of Linguistically-Superior Students: A Methodological Linguistic Study
Khattab Ahmed Khattab \ Essa Saleh Alhammade
27 BThe Psychological Challenges Facing the Elderly in Muscat The Psychological Challenges Facing the Elderly in Muscat: An Analytical Quantitative Study
Muneer Abdullah Karadsheh \ Maryam Mohammed ALSumri
28 BEffectiveness of a Training Program in Raising the Level of Meta-Mood and its Impact on the Academic Self-Efficacy of Students with Learning Disabilities
Ahmed Mohamed Shabib
29 BThe Impact of Using Activities Based on the Montessori Approach in Developing Science Processes Skills among Fourth-Grade Students
Azza Saif Alburaidi \ Abdullah Khamis Ambusaidi
30 BThe Relationship between Managerial Ownership and Debit Ratio in Light of the Financial Characteristics of the Company: a Case Study of Jordan
Muayad Mohammed Al-Fadhel
31 B

Revisiting Harold Pinter's The Caretaker:a Semiotic Study of the Dramatis Personae

Khaled Besbes


                                                  Issue 2A

1 A

​Characteristics of the Metaphorical Image in the Poetry of Al-Sharif Al-Radhi

Al-Khaier Amer Rajab Abdul Kareem


2 A

Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani’s Poems in Praise of the Prophet (BPUH) - between Imitation and Innovation: an Objective and Artistic Study

Maher Ahmed Mobideen


3 A

The White Sheikh Novel: Vision and Artistic Formation

Ben Issa Bettahar


4 A

Fantasy and Publicizing Culture: A Cultural Reading in Abi-Al-Qasim Al-Tanbouri’s Tale

Yousef Mahmoud Olaimat


5 A

Tourism Service Quality and Destination Loyalty: The Mediating Role of Perceived Value from International Tourists’ Perspectives

Shaker Bani-Melhem \ Mohamed Albaity


6 A

Social Phobia from Social Theorizing to Remedies: a Clinical Sociological Study

Rula Odeh Alsawalqa \ Mohamed Ismaeil Al Hosani


7 A

Effectiveness of an Acculturation Programme in Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) in EFL College Students: a Mixed-Methods Study

Hamad Shabieb Aldosari \ Mohamed Amin Mekheimer


8 A

The Settlement of the Argument in Investigating the Diacritic Mark (kasrah) Under the Opening Letters of Present Verbs by Abi Zuraa Mohammed Bin Younis Al-Maqdessy Al-Shafi‘I (died 749AH) Realization and Study

Bayan Mohammed Al-Jubawi \ Mostafa Kamel Ahmed


9 A

Language Issues in Al-Wa’i Dictionary by Ibn Al-Kharrat Al-Eshbili: Compilation and Study

Haytham Hammad Althawabieh


10 A

The Role of Leadership Communication in Promoting Job Satisfaction among Subordinates A Field Study on a Sample of King Abdulaziz University Staff

Fuad Sadaqa Merdad


11 A

Contemporary Research Trends in Digital Public Relations: an Analytical Study

Khayrat Moawed Ayyad


12 A

Evaluating Parent’s Experinces As Regards the Process of Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and its Releation to Some Varibles

Mohammed Akram Hamdan


13 A

The Role of Tourism Media in Promoting the city of Sharjah

Alaa Makki Al Shammri


14 A

Some Aspects of the Meanings of the Agent Noun Resulting from Addition Forms in the Anthology of Dr. Ibrahim Jalo Muhammad Jalingo: a Morphological Study

Gambo Hassan \ Ahmad Ja’afar Danbaba


​15 A

​Animal between life and religion during prehistoric period in Egypt and Mesopotamia

Zainab Abd El-twab Riyad


​Issue 2B
​ ​ ​ ​
16 B

The Entry of N in the Non-triliteral Roots between Originality and Non-originality Chapret of Al-Ain in Kitāb Al-Ain of Al-Khalīl as a model Phonological and Morphological Study

Abdelwahab Saber Ahmed


17 B

The Effect of a Training Program Based on Meta-cognitive Thinking Skills on Reducing Cognitive Bias Among a Sample of Libyan Bulling Students

Wafa Ali Al alwani \ Adnan Yousef Atoum


18 B

Professional Mistakes and Variables Associated with them in Clinical Social Work Practice

Hend Batel Aimaseb


19 B

The Components of Creative Leadership and their Impact on Institutnational Performance

Fadwa Abu Elhassa Farah


20 B

An Analysis of Intertextuality in William Blake’s Companion Poems: The Lamb and The Tyger

Mahmood K.M. Eshreteh \ Zeiadee Marie Zeiad Mahmoud Khalil


21 B

The Reception of the Self from the World and Linguistic Formation Taha Hussein’s The Promise of Truth as a Model

Ahmed Yehia Ali


22 B

The Correlation between Talent Management Practices and Its Outcomes: an Application on Saudi Banks in the Region of Tabuk

Saleh Hamed Alharbi \ Nabil Mohamed Khalil


23 B

The Effectiveness of D2L E-Learning TeachingStrategy in Developing Problem-Sensing and Self-Learning Skills among Teachers Students of Physics At the University of Majmaah

Abdullah Awad Al Harbi


24 B

Poeticism of the Modern Syrian Romantic Poetic Text ‘The Bewitched Image’ by Omar Abu Qous as an Example

Rabia’a Mohammed Aisha \ Khaled Faras A’araj


25 B

Simile Pattern in Al-Zubaidi’s Dictionary The Crown of the Bride: The Example of “Safarjal” as a Model

Albandari Abdulazez Alajlan \ Lamees Abdulhakeem Almufauiz


26 B

The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Egyptian Travel Agencies

Bassam Samir Al-Romeedy


27 B

The Reality about the Role of Secondary School Female Teachers in Developing the Mental Aspect among Female Students So As to Cope with the Knowledge Economy Era: a Proposed Concept

Hayat Abdulaziz Mohammed Niaz


28 B

YouTuber’s as Role-Models: A Study of the Ways YouTubers Influence Teenagers in the UAE.

Nada Jamal Alzara


29 B

The Meaning of Life and its Relation to Life-Satisfaction and Some Dimensions of Positive Thinking among Students of Kuwait University

Suad Abdullah Albesher \ Hasan Abdullah Alhumaidi


30 B

 A Critical Study of the Concept of the Modern State By Wael Al-Hallak

Abdelhalim Mahourbacha


​31 B
Alaa Abdullah Al-Taii
​32 B
Strategic Leadership Practices and their Relationship to Expanding the Tax Base: A Field Study on Income Tax Departments in Palestine
 Majdi Wael Alkababji Sandy Jawad Alhimony