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Volume 13

Issue 1

Language Author Title
Arabic Khayrat M. Ayyad
The Relationship between the Practioners of Public Relations and Mass Media: A Study of Government Institutions in the Emirate of Dubai
Arabic Abd Al-Wahed H. Al-Kabese Effectiveness of Jigsaw 2 Strategy in the Achievement of Second-grade Students in Mathematics and Flexibility of Thinking 20151205_566242c218cd9.png
Arabic Ali H. Al Hayani The Phenomenon of Wearing off of Words and their Impact on Modern Baghdadi Dialect 20151205_566242c218cd9.png
English Atif A. Moheeldeen University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities & Social Sciences, Volume 13, No. 1 June 2016 1
Economic Globalization and Unemployment: The Experience of Arab Countries
Fuad E. Al-Jawaldeh
Suhair M. Al-Tal
Differences in Psychosomatic Symptoms among the Teachers of Children who Suffer from Learning
Disabilities and Autism
Arabic Ghada K. Mansi The Effect of Brainstorming on Improving Sixth
Graders’ Critical Reading Skills and their Attitudes Toward Reading in Jordan
Arabic Israa A. Al-Saadi Alternative Forms in the Novel
(Sufi Music)
Arabic Maher F. Muraeb Attitudes of University Students Toward the Criteria of Marital Choice 20151205_566242c218cd9.png
Arabic Majeedah M. Alnjem Social Marketing within the Framework of Social Work Profession 20151205_566242c218cd9.png
Arabic Mohammed H. Alzyoudi
Ashraf M. Mustafa
Osha A. Almhiri
Abedslam H. Alzyoudi
The Effectiveness of a Guidance Program in Adjusting the Attitudes of Regular Students with their Blended Blind Counterparts in the UAE
Said Son Abdullah Makhloufi
Relationship of Family Violence Aggressive Behavior Among The Education Students in Batna, Algeria 20151205_566242c218cd9.png​​
Arabic Salah A. Alnaqa
Amany A. Abo Kalloub
The Impact of Utilizing Educational Songs and Games in Developing Scientific Concepts and Some Basic Learning Processes of Third Graders in “General Sciences” 20151205_566242c218cd9.png


Issue 2​ ​
Download Title Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Impact of Organizational Justice on Organizational Loyalty in Textile Companies in the Governorate of Aleppo in Syria from Employees’Perspective
Anis Saker Khasawneh
Faroukh Ibrahem Alakrab
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Unemployment Constraints in the Arab World: An Empirical Study Atif Awad Moheeldeen
Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla
The Aesthetics of the Short Poems in Abdullah
Mansoor’s Poetry: A Homeland... A Stone...and
Doves as an Example
Emad Abed Alwahab Aldomour Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Al- Asmai Narratives:
A Critical Study in Authenticity and Referentiality
Fayees Maddallah Althunibat Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Using Logistic Regression Model to Determine the Factors that Affect Delaying Marriage Age in KSA Intisar Ali Khalil Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Humanitarian Role of Islamic Banks in Kuwait Kamal Tawfiq Hattab Arabic
News Releases of Emirati Newspapers Alittihad as an Example
May Abdul Wahid Al-Khaja Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Sign and the Novel:
A Semiotic Study of Walid Al-Hodali’s Novel Curtains of Darkness
Mohammed Mustafa Kullab Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities & Social Sciences, Volume 13, No. 1 June 2016 1
Credit Risk Management Impact on Islamic and Conventional Banks in Kenya
Mohammed Hersi Warsame English
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Effectiveness of Psychological Counseling
Program on Jailed Persons at Rehabilitation Centers in Palestine
Nabil Jebreen Jondi
Iyad Mohammed Abu Fannar
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Description of Medina at the Beginning of the Eighth Century/ Fourteenth Century AD) in Balawi’s trip Nawaf Abdul Aziz Aljahmah Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Determinants of Unemployment in Algeria: A Practical Study Salim Medjellekh Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Effectiveness of a Program Based on the Psychodrama for the Development of Social Interaction Among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Wael Maher Ghoneim
Ahmed Kamal ElBahnasawy