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Publishing Policies

Open Access Policy

It is the policy of the Scientific Publishing Unit at the University of Sharjah that all issues and articles of the UoS Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences are made freely available online. The Publishing Unit's open access policy seeks to make knowledge exchange easy and fruitful for local and international readers. Authors who seek to publish in this journal are therefore required to accept the university's open access policy. According to this policy, articles may be accessed and reused by all readers regardless of their affiliations.  Readers are also allowed to copy and transfer the published articles or elaborate on them without any prior authorization or financial charges. Authors shall neither pay a submission fee nor a publication fee.

Romanization of Arabic References 

It is the policy of the Scientific Publishing Unit at the University of Sharjah that all published articles in the UOS Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences shall include original references in Arabic and their corresponding romanization in Latin script.

Anonymous Authorship

All submissions to the UoS Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences must exclude all references, indications or materials that may name the author(s). This is to ensure that reviewers will not be able to identify the author, co-authors, or the institution where the research was conducted, thus ensuring that the double-blind peer review process is carried out as objectively as possible.


Peer-Review Process

  1. All research articles submitted to UOS Journals for publication are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process.
  2. Research articles are initially reviewed by the editorial board in order to decide whether they abide by the publishing rules; hence are eligible for reviewing.  .The editor may reject them either because they are irrelevant to the scope and subject matter of the journals or because they are visibly of a low quality so that they cannot be considered at all.
  3. The Editorial Board retains the right of refusing an article without disclosing the reasons.
  4. Research articles that are deemed eligible for review are sent to at least two reviewers that are experts in the field of the submitted article. The reviewers of a paper shall be unknown to each other. They are required to decide whether the article is publishable immediately, publishable with minor changes, publishable with major changes, or not publishable at all.
  5. The reviewers' reports are to be sent to the editor and their comments are forwarded to the author(s) for feedback.
  6. Sole responsibility for contents rests with the authors, not the editors or the Journal.
  7. Letters of apology shall be sent to authors whose papers have not been accepted for publication.
  8. The review process is usually accomplished within two months and accepted articles are typically published within four to six months. 


Publication Conditions

  1. The Journal publishes original articles written either in Arabic or English languages in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. Manuscripts should not have been published before or considered for publication elsewhere. A written statement to that effect should be submitted along with the manuscript.
  3. Submitted manuscripts should not be parts of published books.
  4. Accepted manuscripts or parts of them cannot be published elsewhere without written permission from the Editor-in-Chief.
  5. Authors must agree to transfer copyright to the publisher. If the Journal wishes to reprint the article, prior permission must be obtained from the authors.
  6. Authors must disclose sources of funding.
  7. Manuscripts received by the Journal cannot be returned whether published or not.

Correction and Retraction Policy

The University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences (UOSJHSS) follows a well-defined correction and retraction policy, as explained below:

  1. The UOSJHSS editors request authors to inform them of any errors they find or are notified about in their articles after publication.
  2. Correction is made at the journal's discretion and a correction notice is published immediately
  3. An updated online version of the article shall replace the old version where the error was discovered together with a correction notice bearing the date of the change at the end of the article.
  4. A correction notice shall then be printed and appended to the next print issue. 
  5. The UOSJHSS editors may consider retraction of an article where there is solid evidence of plagiarism, undependable data, duplicate publication, and unethical behavior.
  6. Once a decision of retraction is taken, a retraction notice explaining why the article was retracted is published immediately (a retraction notice will also be published in the next available print issue)
  7. A substitute version of the article shall then be published with a retraction note replacing the original text.
  8. The PDF of the retracted article may still be accessible but it shall be replaced with a version bearing the watermark 'Retracted'.
  9. The retracted article may be completely removed if it contains a very serious violation of law and of the code of ethics.