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The department is responsible for pre-award and post-award administration of research project funds. The Department of Research Funding works with other administrative offices to create an environment that encourages and facilitates research within the University of Sharjah. The Department strives to provide high-quality service to faculty and to increase the funding available to support research, while protecting the University’s interest. The Department of Research funding promotes and facilitates the procurement of funding through these activities:
  • Process all grant applications in coordination with the University Research Institutes. 
  • Work directly with the holders of the research funds to ensure compliance with University bylaws and regulations.
  • Process internal and external funds: select and contact research project referees, monitor project expenditure, and facilitate the purchase of equipment. 
  • Follow the progress of research projects including meeting the deadlines, achievement of project outcomes and the submission of final report. 
  • Support the operation and management of approved research projects: support purchasing, reallocation of funds, and respond to the inquiries needs and requirements of researchers. 
  • Maintain an online database of research activities: research grants history, refereeing results, project budgets, project investigators, and grant applications. 
  • Maintain database of all purchased research assets including software, and equipment. 
  • Create and maintain an electronic database of referees. 
  • Assist faculties in grant writing.
  • Prepare reports of research activities.
  • Maintain and provide the necessary forms and information for the research activities: research funding application, part time research assistant, student research project support, research project extension application, fund for books, fund for consumable, fund for equipment, faculty development grant application (conferences, training, courses, summer visit), visiting scholar application, project progress, project final report, book publishing, best research paper, best master and bachelor research award, and research group registration.