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The history of graduate studies at the University of Sharjah began with the establishment of the Center for Research and Studies in 1999. Then, in 2000, the first graduate program (Master of Executive Business Administration) was offered.

In 2006, the College of Graduate Studies was founded in order to promote and develop research as well as graduate studies at the University of Sharjah and realize the vision of its founder and president. The vision that calls for advancing the University of Sharjah as a pioneer institution of excellence in research, research publication, and graduate studies programs.


In 2014, under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, President of the University of Sharjah, the University administration merged the College of Graduate Studies with three research institution to elevate the status of the University globally and locally, especially, in the fields of research and graduate studies. To give due priority and attention to graduate studies and research at the University, the College of Graduate Studies along with the three institutions will be under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Studies.

Thenceforth, the College of Graduate Studies has become more involved in research due to its participation with graduate students in research groups, laboratories, projects, and funding research, as well as its contribution to multidisciplinary, global, and community-related research.


The College of Graduate Studies seeks to achieve the following:

1. Promote and publish academic research to enrich knowledge in all areas by linking graduate studies with specialized research

2. Equip scholars and specialized professionals with various theory and applied fields of knowledge required to implement the comprehensive plans for development in the United Arab Emirates

3. Enhance academic capabilities to keep pace with the rapid scientific and technical progress and promote innovation

4. Enable outstanding students to continue their graduate studies locally

5. Endeavor to improve undergraduate programs to serve as a strong foundation for graduate studies

The University currently offers fifteen Ph.D. programs, thirty-eight master programs, and two higher diploma programs. These programs are distributed over 12 colleges. As a part of the 2020-2024 University Strategic Plan, future plans to offer additional programs in the academic departments are being set as well as the resources needed for them in order to realize the University's vision regarding graduate studies. The work of the College of Graduate Studies is supported by an academic council, the Graduate Studies Council, which is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies. The Council represents all the University colleges' that offer graduate programs. It makes decisions and recommendations to ensure the development of these programs and their continued excellence.

The College of Graduate Studies is responsible for:

1. Admitting students into graduate studies programs and following-up their academic and administrative affairs till graduation.

2. Following-up theses and dissertations supervision process

3. Offering teaching assistants scholarships for outstanding students

4. Developing existing programs and launching new ones

5. Recommending the implementation of any regulations needed for organizing and developing the graduate studies course.