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Sharjah Citizens' Scholarship

  1. Accepted students who are citizens of the Emirate of Sharjah must apply for the scholarship to confirm their admission and register for courses. If Students do not receive a scholarship, they can either continue at their own expense or withdraw from the university without paying any fines as long as they adhere to the deadlines set by the Finance Department.
  2. A competent officer will examine the student’s application and inform him/her once the application is completed. 
  3. After being notified of the completion of your application, the student may enter the registration link and apply for courses registration application:
  4. Students can apply for the Graduate Studies Scholarship for UAE Sharjah Citizens for Fall Semester 2021/2022 from 04/July/2021 to 15/July/2021 through the link: Click Here.
  5. Please make sure that your documents are attached correctly and that you attach a colored copy of the required documents. Any application that does not meet the criteria will not be taken into consideration.
  6. Note that submitting the application is not considered as approval of the scholarship, and in case the student does not receive the scholarship, he must pay the full tuition fees if he continues his studies.
  7. Please read the terms and conditions of the scholarship before attaching the documents and submitting the application.
  8. After completing the process of uploading the documents, please return to the terms and conditions page and make sure to press the (submit request) button to complete and send the application to the concerned party.