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Graduate Academic Unit

Dear Colleagues and Graduate Students,

The College of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the establishment of a new unit, the Graduate Academic Unit as part of the College of Graduate Studies. The rational of establishing the unit is to provide academic support to all graduate students. The main responsibilities of the unit are,

  1. Providing academic support to graduate students in developing thesis proposals, conducting research, writing research articles, and liaising with scientific journals.
  2. Managing and coordinating workshops and courses designed to enhance students' extra-curricular professional skills. (Click Here To View The Workshops Schedule)
  3. Monitoring the academic progress of the graduate teaching assistants and the other graduate students, and solving issues whenever needed.
  4. Facilitating communication and coordination with industry and local community partners.
  5. Monitoring the progress of Master's and Ph.D. students whose theses involve collaborations between the University of Sharjah and industry or local community institutions.
The coordinator of the Graduate Academic Unit is Dr. Mohammed El-Gamal (e-mail address: & extension: 2350).