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Admission open to Spring Semester 2019/2020

University of Sharjah, Men's Colleges, M3 Bldg. 2nd Floor 24 OCT 20198 AM

​Specialties to be opened in spring 2019-2020




College of Business Administration

Executive Master in Business Administration
Master in Business Administration

College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
​ ​
Arabic Language and Literature
Master of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature
Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic Language and Literature
Foreign LanguagesMaster of Arts in Translation
EducationProfessional Diploma in Teaching
College of CommunicationMaster of Arts in Communication

College of Sharia & Islamic Studies
​ ​ ​ ​
Foundations of Religion
​ ​
Master in Exegesis and Hadith
Doctor in Philosophy in Hadith and its Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Exegesis and Quran Sciences
Jurisprudence and its Foundations ​Master of Jurisprudence and its Foundations
Doctor of Philosophy in Jurisprudence and its Foundations

College of Medicine
Master of Science in Leadership in Health Profession Education

College of Pharmacy

Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences

(Admission open only for Medicinal Chemistry Concentration)

College of Computing and Informatics
Computer ScienceMaster of Science in Computer Science
Computer EngineeringMaster of Science in Computer Engineering

College of Sciences
Applied BiologyMaster of Science in Biotechnology
ChemistryMaster of Science in Chemistry

College of Law


​ ​
Private Law

Master in Private Law

(Admission open only for students with Excellent Merit)

Public Law

Master in Public Law

(Admission open only for students with Excellent Merit)

Master in Air and Space Law

College of Engineering ​
​ ​ ​ ​
Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Management
Civil and Environmental Engineering ​Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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