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The deadline for applying for the Fall Semester 2020/2021 is 30th of April 2020 for all programs, except for new programs the deadline will be 15th of August 2020.

New Programs are:
  • Master of Science in Astronomy and Space Sciences
  • Master of Science in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing

Dear Graduate Students

In the implementation of the directives of the higher management at the University of Sharjah and to ensure your safety of not coming to the university campus, the College of Graduate Studies will activate the receipt of applications by e-mail, according to the steps below:

Choose your major

1-   The student shall look at the programs offered for the Fall 2020/2021, read the study plan, choose the fine specialization, review the terms and condition of the program in regard to CGPA, required papers, and the suitable specialization of the student through the following link, which also contains an email to communicate with the administrative coordinator for the program in case the student wants to inquire about the program:

Master – Press Here

Doctorate – Press Here

Fill Your Application


2-   The student shall fill all the required data on the attached Word File application on the link and complete all important data such as fine specialization and the study track (Thesis or non-thesis) if the program has tracks. Also, the student shall determine whether his study type is part-time or full time. The study type determines the number of hours that the student can register in each semester, and finally, the student shall sign the application by writing the word approve in the designated area in the application.

Master – Press Here

Doctorate – Press Here

Submit your documents and join the constellation of graduate students


Kindly, submit all documents in colored (as much as you can) and scan them in a PDF file and sending them with the application + a copy of the electronic payment for the enrollment fee in the university account below to the email of the administrative coordinator of the program.


University Account no. 0011200147001

IBAN. AE080410000011200147001


All applications shall be sent to the program coordinator's e-mail, on the program's link


- The graduate studies coordinators will confirm the receipt of the application and follow up on your application in case of any deficiencies in it.


As a help of the College of Graduate Studies and in implementation of the direction of higher management at the university, the College will do the followings:

- Allow the students to submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate for programs that require English proficiency until the first of August.

- Students are given an opportunity until the end of August to submit the equivalence letter for certificates from outside the country.

Dean's Welcome

At the outset, I would like to welcome our distinguished visitors to the website of the College of Graduate Studies at the University of Sharjah. Since your goal is to complete your higher studies, you agree with us in the visions and the ultimate goal of contributing to the development of civilization and humanity. Today, students of graduate studies have become an essential element in advancing knowledge and developing discoveries, as well as contributing to solving the problems of society, health, and well-being of peoples. Read More...

Click Here to Download College of Graduate Studies Catalogue

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