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Graduate Studies Council

The Graduate Studies Council for the academic year 2019/2020 shall be formed under the chairmanship of Professor Maamar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, and the membership of the following:





1Prof. Maamar BettayebVice-Chancellor for Research & Graduate StudiesChairman
2Prof. Raafat El-AwadyDean of College of Graduate Studies
3Dr. Ali Bou NassifAssistant Dean of Academic Graduate AffairsMember
4Prof. Mohamed Suliman ElnorSharia and Islamic StudiesMember
5Prof. Hussein Al TamimiBusiness Administration
6Prof. Showqi Bahumaid
Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesMember
7Prof. Azzam A. MagazachiCollege of MedicineMember
8Prof. Khalil AbdelrazekCollege of EngineeringMember
9Prof. Abdalla Falah El-MneizelResearch Institute of Humanities & Social SciencesMember
10Prof. Abdallah ShanablehResearch Institute of Sciences & EngineeringMember
11Prof. Taleb Al TalResearch Institute of Medical & Health Sciences Member
12Prof. Maher OmarInstitute of Leadership in Higher EducationMember
13Dr. Ahcene RabhiCollege of LawMember
14Prof. Tareq A.H. OsailiCollege of Health SciencesMember
15Dr. Mohamed Ben MoussaCollege of CommunicationMember
16Prof.Ihsan MahasnahCollege of SciencesMember
17Dr. Mohamed El-Hassan AbdallaDirector of the Medical Education Center and Coordinator of the M.S. in Leadership in Health Profession EducationMember
18Qasem KoufahiCollege of Graduate StudiesRapporteur