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  • Effects of antiplatelet therapy after stroke caused by intracerebral hemorrhage: extended follow-up of the RESTART randomized clinical trial. Prof. Iman Saad Ahmed. IF- 29.9.

  • Critical Review on Internal and External Battery Thermal Management Systems for Fast Charging Applications-Dr. Zafar Said IF-29.69

  • Functionalization of curcumin nanomedicines: a recent promising adaptation to maximize pharmacokinetic profile, specific cell internalization and anticancer efficacy against breast cancer. Dr. Zahid Hussain. IF -10.8

  • Cell membrane cloaked nanomedicines for bio-imaging and immunotherapy of cancer: Improved pharmacokinetics, cell intenalization and anticancer efficacy. Dr. Zahid Hussain, Prof. Mark Rawas Qalaji. IF 10.8

  • Nanomedicines, an emerging therapeutic regimen for treatment of ischemic cerebral stroke: A review. Dr. Zahid Hussain – IF -10.8

  • Polymeric nanocarriers: A promising tool for early diagnosis and efficient treatment of colorectal cancer. Dr Mohamed Haider, Dr. Zahid Hussain IF -10.7

  • Self-crosslinked chitosan/κ-carrageenan-based biomimetic membranes to combat diabetic burn wound infections. Dr. Zahid Hussain. IF -8.2

  •  Curcumin-laden hyaluronic acid-co-Pullulan-based biomaterials as a potential platform to synergistically enhance the diabetic wound repair. Dr. Zahid Hussain -IF -8.2.

  • Peptide-functionalized graphene oxide quantum dots as colorectal cancer theranostics. Dr. Mohamed Haider. IF -9.9​

  • Nanomedicine Strategies for Management of Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer. Dr. Mohamed Haider, Dr. Zahid Hussain. IF -7.8