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  • Targeted Grant: Development of Novel Sublingual Nano-Delivery System for Hypertensive Urgency, Dr. Mark Rawas Qalaji - AED-194,000 – (1/3/22- 1/3/24) 

  • Competitive Grant: Fabrication and Evaluation of Epinephrine Chitosan Nanoparticles for the Sustained Release of Epinephrine, Dr. Mark Rawas Qalaji -AED-74000 (30/5/2022- 30/5/2024 )

  • Targeted Grant: Graphene oxide quantum dots-targeted liposomes for early detection of colorectal cancer, Dr. Mohamed Haider -AED-200,000 (1/12/2022-1/12/2024)

  • Competitive Research Grant: Machine Learning-Based Approaches for Modeling Thermophysical Properties of Nanofluids for Renewable Energy Systems. Dr Zafar Said - AED-116,000 (1/3/2023-28/2/2025)

  • Competitive Research Grant: Simultaneous electricity generation and freshwater production from a novel bifacial photovoltaic/membrane distillation module design. CFD simulation, design, fabrication, and testing challenges. Dr Zafar Said -AED 200,000 (1/3/2023-28/2/2025)​​​

  • Targeted Research Grant: High power conversion efficiency in ferroelectric hot carrier solar cells via plasmonic assisted carrier injection Dr Zafar Said- 200,000 (1/3/2022-28/2/2025) ​