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Internally Funded Projects

RIMHS Internal Research Projects (2015-2021) 

Internal Funding 2020-2021

Role of Vitamin A in Pancreativ beta cell function  (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Jalal Taneera

Serum Fasting Bile Acids During Pregnancy In an Emirati Cohort and Their Association With Perinatal And Fetal Outcome (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ali Ibrahim Saeed

Role of IL-17 Cytokine Family In Hypertension (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Awad Saleh

Application Of Proteomics for The Discovery Of Disease Biomakers (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Nelson Alexandre da Cruz Soares

Development and Evaluation of Novel Multi-functionalized Nanomedicine for Early Diagnosis and efficient Treatment of Breast Cancer. (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Zahid Hussain

Experience Of University Students With Disabilities Enrolling In Higher Education In The United Arab Emirates:     A Qualitive Study.   (24,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Muhammad Arsyad Subu 

Discovery of Novel Gene Variants Predisposing To Viral Infections (40,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Rabih Halwani

Effect Of Non-Protien Thiols On The Antimicrobial Property Of Siliver Diamine Fluoride (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohannad Nassar

Optimization of Epinephrine Sublingual Tablet Formulation For The Treatment Of Anaphylaxis: Effect of PH- Modifiers And Penetreation Enhancers On Epinephrine Permeability. (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mark Rawas Qalaji 

The Role of Allergic Pulmonary Infammations In Breast Cancer Progression and Metastasis. (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ibrahim Yaseen Hachim 

Clinical Outcomes And Trace Elements Levels Assesments In Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease Who Undergo Hemodialysis. (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Feras Jassim Jirjees

Impact Of Antioxidants On Diabets-Induced Endothelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition(40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Gianfranco Pintus

Impact of Gene Variants on Therapeutic and Immune Response in COVID-19 Patients: A Predictive Model of the Disease Outcome. (210,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Maha Mohamed Saber

Design and Synthesis of Novel Compunds for the Treatment of COVID-19 by Targeting thr S-Spike Protein, Main Protease and RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase of SARS-CoV2 (208,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamad Ahmad Hamad

Investigating the Cause of Coagulation Dysfunction and Venous Thrombosis in Severe COVID-19  (210,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Firdos Ahmed

Mitigating SR stress as an intervention to disuse-induced muscle loss (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rizwan Qaisar

Role of Natural killer cells in Eradicating Metastases in NOG mice (200,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Azzam A. Magazachi

Internal Funding 2019-2020

Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Rare Actinomycetes Native to the UAE (80,000 AED)

The Role of an Innovative 3D Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis in the Management of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Randomized, Controlled (80,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Ibrahim Moustafa

The Use of Bioinformatics and Engineering Mathematics Followed by Biological in Vitro and in Vivo Validation to Decipher the Molecular Mechanism of COVID-19 Infection of the Respiratory Tract. (210,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rifat Akram Hamoudi

The Role of Disturbed Cellular Exocytosis in Susceptibility and Mortality in Diabetic Patients with COVID-19 (200,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Nabil Sulaiman

Understanding the Genetic and Immunological Background for Resistance to SARS-Cov-2 Infection  (210,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Rabih Halwani

Screening for HLA Haplotype and Immune Functionn-related Gene Variants as Host-related Factors That Frediscope to Cytokine Storm Syndrome in  Emirati COVID-19 Patients (197,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mawieh Abdel Haq

Investigating the Antitumor Activity of Four Emirati plants Against Breast Cancer Lines (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Eman Abu Gharbieh

Synthesis and Biophysical Characterization of DNA Minor Groove Binders as Potential Therapeutic Agents (198,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hasan Yaser Alniss

Effect of Physical Activity Promotion Using Culturally Adapted-compendium of Activities on Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Sedentary Arab Population (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthy Bairapareddy

Normative Values For The Six-Minute Peg Board And Ring Test (6PBRT) And Unsupported Upper Limb Exercise (UULEX) Test In Healthy United Arab Emirated Adults- A Cross Sectional Study.  (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Gopala Krishna Alaparthi

Exploring The Relationship Between Objective Physical Activity Levels, Dietary Habits, And Overweeight/Obesity Among College Students In The United Arab Emirates. (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ashokan Arumugam

The Molecular Basis of Gender Variation in Mortality Rate Associated with the Novel Coronovirus (COVID-19) Outbreak. (105,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ibrahim Yaseen Hachim 

Epidemiological and Clinical Characterstics Associated with COVID-19 Severity in Hospitalized Patients in the UAE- A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study. (145,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Basema Saddik

Investigating the Role of Estrogen Signaling in Intracellular Iron Metabolism in Macrophages (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mawieh Abdel Haq

"The role of vascular NOX gene as mechanistic and therapeutic targets for earlysigns of cardiovascular diseases in obese and vitamin D deficiency of Emirati population." (199,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Adel Elmoselhi 

Targeting Oxidative Stress in Chondrocytes with Trolox.
PI: Dr. Asima Karim (40,000 AED)

Measuring the Levels of Carbon Monoxide in Midwakh Smokers in UAE. (80,000 AED)
Dr. Basema Saddik

"Effects of the correction of 25 (OH) vit D3 deficiency on the levels o1, 25 (OH) 2 Vit D, intact PTH and inflammation in hemodialysis and chronic kidney disease patients." (72,900 AED)
PI: Dr. Abduelmula R Abduelkarem

Evaluating the Antitumor Activity of 18β-glycyrrhetinic Acid on Various Cancer Cell Lines (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Eman Abu Gharbieh

Targeting Nicotinamide Riboside Kinase-2 in the Ischemic Cardiac Disease (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Firdos Ahmed

Medical Students’ Perception of Effective Clinical Teaching (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ghada Mohammed

Implementing diabetes risk screening and prevention program in community pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates (199,700 AED)
PI: Dr. Hamzah Tareq

The Role of Obesity in Breast Cancer in a Cohort of Middle Eastern Population  (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Iman Ahmed Mamdouh Talaat Aly 

Deciphering the Molecular Mechanisms of Intratumoural Heterogeneity in Renal Cell Carcinoma: New Approach for Prognostic Stratification and Discovery of Therapeutic Targets (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Iman Ahmed Mamdouh Talaat Aly 

Engagement of Students and Faculty with Electronic Portfolio (e-portfolio)at College of Health and Sciences , Department of Nursing ,University of Sharjah (18,500 AED)
PI: Dr. Jacqueline Maria Dias

Fumaric Acid Esters-induced Epigenetic Regulation of Gasdermin Activates Pyroptosis in Natural Killer Cells to Release Inflammatory Cytokine Interleukin-1 (78,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Jibran Sualeh Muhammad

Correlation of Respiratory Muscle Strenght with Anthropometrics and Physical Activity Level in Middle East Population (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthy Bairapareddy

Examining the Role of Vitamin D in Iron Metabolism in Breast Cancer Cells (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Khuloud Bajbouj

Heavy Metal and Microbiological Burdens of Road-Deposited Dusts in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: Multivariate Analysis and Health Risk Assessment (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Lucy Semerjian

Repurposing Monteleukast In Treatment Of Early Diabetic Kidney Disease (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Maha Mohamed Saber

Exploring mechanisms of 5FU-resistance in colorectal cancer cells with deficient DNA mismatch repair (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Maha Mohamed Saber

Towards the development of a multi-disciplinary health workforce in the UAE: An examination of the role of the radiographer in relation to image interpretation in the trauma and emergency setting in the UAE (48,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed Abedelfatah

Development of Sensitive and Selective Analytical Methods for the Investigation and Detection of Pharmaceutical Products and Xenobiotics Contaminants in UAE Wastewater and Its Remediation (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammad Harb Semreen 

Design, Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and Molecular Modeling Studies of Novel Rigid Analogues of Sorafenib/Regorafenib as Selective kinase-inhibitory Anticancer Agent (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammed I El-Gamal

Investigating the Hemostatic Properties of a Biomaterial Derived from by-Products of Fetal Delivery (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Noha Ahmed Mousa

"Is There Any Association between the Expression of Pluripotency Markers in Estrogen-receptor-positive Breast Cancer and Markers of Clinical Resistance to Endocrine Therapy?" (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Noha Ahmed Mousa

Exploring Role of IL-13-mediated Common Epigenetic Modulations in Asthma and COPD (79,000 AED)

Integrative Meta-analysis and Bioinformatics Approach Identifies MicroRNA-21 and Its Targets As Diagnostic Biomarkers for Colorectal and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rifat Akram Hamoudi

Targeting SR Stress and Redox Imbalance in Myoblast Culture (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rizwan Qaisar

Circulating Biomarkers of Muscle Health in Endurance Runners (79,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rizwan Qaisar

Natural and Safe Anti-Microbial Substances from Probiotics Bacteria: Discovery and mechanism of activity   (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Sameh Soliman

Final Height, Endocrinopathies and Their Risk Factors in a Large Cohort of Patients with β Thalassemia (9,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Sarah Abraham

"Comparative study of pregnancy complications, knowledge, attitude and challenges between mothers of children with and without autism disorder in the United Arab Emirates" (72,850 AED)
PI: Dr. Saravanan Coumaravelou

Design and development, Proteomics analysis and In vivo studies of novel anticancer lead drug candidates (200,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Taleb H. Al-Tel 

Potential of Resolvin D2 Loaded Electrospun Membranes Impregnated with Calcium Phosphate Bioceramics to Down Regulate Inflammation and Stimulate Odontogenic Differentiation in hIDPSC and Macrophages Co-culture (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Vellore Kannan Gopinath  

"Investigating the Activation Mechanisms of Kynurenine, Kynurenic Acid and Anthranilic Acid on Insulin Secretion in Pancreatic β-cells" (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Waseem El-Huneidi 

Dkk-3 as a Potential Theranostic Biomarker in Prostate Cancer(200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Zainab Mohammed Al Shareef

Analysis of Dickopf-3 (DKK3) as a Potential Prognostic Marker and Therapy in Breast and Colorectal Cancer (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Zainab Mohammed Al Shareef

Internal Funding 2018-2019

Estimation of occupational radiation dose exposure to the skin and thyroid of cardiologists and radiologists during cardiac interventional procedures in the University Hospital of Sharjah (37,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Entesar Zawam Dalah

Toxic stress impact on maternal health related quality of life, executive functions, maternal and fetal health outcomes for prenatal and postpartum women living in the United Arab Emirates (41,000 AED)
PI: Dr.  Lori Marie Walton

Evaluation of the antibiotic resistance of Helicobacter pylori : a class 1 carcinogen for a better prevention of gastric cancer in United Arab Emirates.   (190,800 AED)
PI: Dr. Ghalia Khoder

Studying the impact of the ShcD observed cancer mutations in the tumour cell behaviour (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr.  Samrein Ahmed 

Local production of bone substitute for bone grafting applications in medical, oral and craniofacial surgery (200,000 AED)
PI: Prof. AB Rani Samsudin

Modeling Vessel Geometry and Topology in Differentiating Tumour from Normal Tissue in Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Improved Cylinder Fork Model. (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Bashar Afif Issa

Measuring the lens Dose of the Eyes For Patients Undergoing Head Computer Tomography in Adult and Pediatric. (130,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Entesar Zawam Dalah

The Role of an Innovative 3D Cervicothoracic Orthosis in the Management of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. A Randomized Controlled Trial. (55,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Fatma Abdel-Fattah Mohammed

Role of GSK-3α in the pathophysiology of ischemic and hypertensive cardiac diseases (199,999 AED)
PI: Dr. Firdos Ahmed

Counteracting the multidrug resistance in breast cancer cells via interfering nuclear factor (NF)-kB signaling  (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hany Omar

Evaluation of Various Resorative Techniques of Teeth with Flared Root Canals: Adaptation, Bond Strength, Fracture Resistance And Mechanical Behavior (100,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hatem Mostafa El-Damanhoury

Demonstration of Cervical Sensorimotor Control and Spinal Kinematics After Cervical Lordosis Rehabilitation in Patients with Nonspecific Neck Pain : A  Randomized-Controlled Trial (39,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ibrahim Moustafa

Size-tailored polymeric nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to the liver or blood. (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Iman Saad Ahmed          

Methylation Silencing of Yes-associated Protein (YAP) Facilitates Carcinogenesis in Breast Adenocarcinoma  (78,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Jibran Sualeh Muhammad

Impact of Sustained Delivery Systems on the Development of Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Cells in-Vitro. (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mariam Ali Hassan

Economic cost of health care provided by nurses to children and adolescents in school settings in the UAE (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Michael Ekubu Otim             

 Analysis of mechanisms of resistance to Bcl-2 inhibition in MLL-rearranged acute myeloid leukemia (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed Rahmani

Identification of new genes that cause resistance to PI3Kinhibition in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma toward developing novel therapeutic approaches.  (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed Rahmani

The Role of Respiratory Microbiota in Asthma Pathogenesis and Management (312,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammed Al Bataineh

All New Diabetics In Sharjah & Ajman [ANDISA]: An Epidemiological and Genetic Study Toward Individualized Medicine (Phase 1). (199,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Nabil Sulaiman

The impact of Oral Health on Quality of Life in the Elderly (79,500 AED)
PI: Dr. Nadia Khalifa

Molecular Characterization of Unicystic and Multicystic Ameloblastoma using whole transcriptomic analysis (180,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Natheer Hashim Al-Rai

new inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase (SHP2) as potential anti-cancer compounds. (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rafaat Al Awady

Bone Health, Fertility Issues and Their Risk Factors in Patients with β Thalassemia Treated at Dubai Thalassemia Centre (39,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rabah Almahmoud

Targgeting the microRNA-30 and microRNA-200 families to prevent brain metastasis of breast cancer cells. (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. PI: Dr. Rania Harati

"Brain-derived neurotropic factor: the missing link between gestationa diabetes and postpartum depression " (80,500 AED)
PI: Dr. Salah Abusana

The Incidence, Pattern, and Timing of Recurrence of Colorectal Cancer After Curative Surgery. (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Salman Y. Guraya

Studying the role of ShcD in basal like breast cancer subtype: Could ShcD be a key driver in BLBC progression (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr.  Samrein Ahmed 

Prevalence and clinical characterstics of hepatitis C infection in patients with oral lichen planus: A case control study from the United Arab Emirates (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Suhail Hani Al-Amad

The Synergistic Effect of Yogurt-Based Marinade With Plant Essential Oils on Spoilage and Foodborne Pathogens on Camel Meat During Storage. (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Tareq Osaili

Correlation Between Occupational Radiation Dose, Oxidative Status and Inflammatory Parameters for Radiology Workers. (80,500 AED)
PI: Dr. Wiam Elshami

Internal Funding 2017-2018

Discovery of novel antimicrobials from bacteria native to the United Arab Emirates’ Flora and  Fauna (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamad Ahmad Hamad

"Adolescents perceptions and behaviours towards tobacco smoking and other tobacco related products in the UAE; An in-depth qualitative study."(40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Basema Saddik

Investigations of the secretory structures and their active medicinal contents of potential native medicinal plants of UAE using analytical chemistry and microscopy-based techniques (151,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Sameh Soliman

Assessment of Microbiological Quality of Organic and Conventional Fresh Leafy Green Vegetables Consumed in United Arab Emirates(130,850 AED)
PI: Dr. Reyad Shaker Obaid

A model for hospital health care professionals in United Arab Emirates to identify, assess and counsel asthma patients for the effective use of the treament and improved health outcome (50,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Eman Abu Gharbieh

The Impact of integration e-portfolio in undergraduate radiography curriculum on the quality of students and faculty teaching /learning experiences (58,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed Abedelfatah

Assessment of Lifestyle, Anti-oxidative, Oxidative and Inflammatory Markers in relation to Metabolic Syndrome components among adults in UAE (109,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Samir Awadallah

Developing and Validating an Instrument to Measure patients Satisfaction with Emergency Care in Sharjah Hospitals UAE (58,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Amal kadry attia

Reconceptualising Child-Centric Unscheduled Care For Children With Complex Care Needs (79,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Nabeel Al Yateem

Examining Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy, Infant Feeding Methood, and Perinatal Mental Health among Women in the United Arab Emirates: A Cohort Study (148,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hadia Radwan

Is there an association between vitamin D deficiency and viral upper respiratory tract infections among adult university students (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed S Al-Hajjaj

Beliefs, barriers, and stigma towards seeking mental health treatment among adults in Sharjah (54,400 AED)
PI: Dr. Saravanan Coumaravelou

Determination of Thermal Inactivation Parameters of Foodborne Pathogens in Camel Meat Burger: A Preliminary Study. (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Tareq Osaili

"Skeletal muscle fluorosis: effects of Fluoride on skeletal muscle cells and its mechanisms in vitro and in vivo studies." (160,700 AED)
PI: Dr.  Anu Vinod Ranade

PI: Dr. Iman Ahmed Mamdouh Talaat Aly 

Estrogen induced epigenetic regulation of iron metabolism inhibits carcinogenic transformation (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Jibran Sualeh Muhammad

A Study on Dental Pulp Stem Cells Differentiation on Modified Chitosan Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering (164,000 AED)
PI: Prof. AB Rani Samsudin

Investigating the Role of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Synthesized in the University of Sharjah on Stem Cells Differentiation into Cartilage (68,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ahmed Taher El-Serafi

Targeting breast cancer by novel exosome-based formulations of Anastrozole (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ayman Mohamed Noreldin

Cross sectional study to evaluate the presence and activity of natural killer cells (NK17/NK1) cells in the peripheral blood and synovial fluid of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients and their relationship to severity and manifestation of RA (198,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Azzam A. Magazachi

New sights into obesity-associated diabetic neurophathy : an interrelationship between nitric oxide synthase and insulin resistance (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Bashair Mussa 

Investigation Of The Relationship Between Pancreatic Exocrine Dysfunction And Abdominal Obesity In Emirati Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Bashair Mussa 

Effect of Calcium Silicate–Sodium Phosphate–Fluoride Salt on dentinal tubules occlusion: an in vitro study (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Betul Rahman

Effect of inhibition of advanced glycation end in proliferation and osteo/odontogenic differentation of periodontal ligament stem cells in a high glucose milieu (39,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Chamila Panduwawala

Evaluation of the normalized effective dose ove various body regions for patients undergoing computer tomography examinations (68,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Entesar Zawam Dalah

Role of GSK-3α in ischemia/reperfusion-induced programmed necrosis (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Firdos Ahmed

Defining the structure and training needs of undergraduate dental leadership and management teaching and assessment in the UAE (19,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Khaled Khalaf

Can probiotics be used with low dose antifungals to kill the fungal pathogen Candida? (39,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Lakshman Perera Samaranayake

"Comparison of INTERGROWTH-21 and Fenton growth standards to assess size at birth in preterm infants" (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Leila Cheikh Ismail

Effect of GLP-1 agonist (exendin-4) on proliferation, invasion, migration and apoptosis in pheochromocytoma and colorectal cancer cells (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Maha Mohamed Saber

Formulation of Novel Transdermal Delivery Systems with nano-sized carriers for some neurological Disorders Therapeutics: Application on ADHD & ASD (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mariame Ali Hassan

Profiling the expression pattern of iron regulatory proteins and intracellular iron status in breast and gastrointestinal tract cancers (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mawieh Abdel Haq

"Estimation of the radiation dose and cancer risk during abdomenpelvis, Computed Tomography in relation to BMI and fat tissue thickness" (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed Abedelfatah

Development of novel therapeutic approach in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with MYC rearrangement (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed Rahmani

Evaluation of conscious monitoring and control of movement among dental students (34,500 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohamed Yahya El-Kishawi 

Study of Epigenetic Mechanisms during Intermittent Fasting in Adults with Obesity (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammed Al Bataineh

Identifying Ppg1-Interacting Partners and Substrates in Candida. Albicans (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammed Al Bataineh

The anti-tumor effects of dendritic cell exosome secretions (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammad G Mohammad

Dendritic cells and immunoregulation in central nervous system in mice model of multiple sclerosis (193,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammad G Mohammad

"Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel adamantyl-possessing sulfonate, sulfonamide, and sulfamate derivatives as potential anticancer agents" (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammed I El-Gamal

Quality of information portals for adolscents with chronic illnesses in UAE: Assessing current state and identifying essential components (79,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Nabeel Al Yateem

Evaluating the therapeutic potential of micoRNAs in restoring normal function and immunoquiescence of the Blood-Brain Barrier in multiple sclerosis (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Rania Harati

Exploring the Readiness of University Students for Interprofessional Education and Practice. (18,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Salman Y. Guraya

Evaluating the interaction of haptoglobin polymorphism with hepeidin and CD163 and their role in iron homeostasis in type 2 diabetes mellitus (194,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Samir Awadallah

"Investigating the role of RASGRP1 gene in insulin secretion in pancreatic beta cells." (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Waseem El-Huneidi 

Correlation between Bone Mineral Density and Vitamin D among type 2 diabetes patients in the UAE (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Wiam Elshami

Identification of Intra and Peri impant Pathogens in Different Implant Systems (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Zaid Ghanem hamdoon

Internal Funding 2016-2017

An Investigation on the Use of Human Amniotic Membrane as a Potential Stem Cell Carrier in Prepared Root Canals of Human Extracted Teeth (20,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Saaid Ayesh Al Shehadat        

Determation Of Heavy Metel in Children's Plastic Toys in UAE By X Ray Florescene (XRF) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)-Environmental Health Aspect (62,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hafiz Omer Ahmed

Assessment of occupational radiation dose among a group of medical workers in UAE and their adherence to safety roles (21,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Wiam Elshami

Role of the circulatory miRNAs as reliable markers and early signs for CVD in indiviuals suffering from obesity and vitamin D deficiency in UAE(197,500 AED)
PI: Dr. Adel Elmoselhi 

New therapeutic modality for mice with EAE using a novel antibody (80,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Azzam A. Magazachi

Beta-cell function and failure: a fucos on the interaction between peripheral cholinergic pathaway and nitric oxide to regulate insulin secretion (38,700 AED)
PI: Dr. Bashair Mussa 

Molecular and Cellular Impact of Probiotics on Gastric Ulcer (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Ghalia Khoder

Sealants for smooth surface caries prevention in children (76,600 AED)
PI: Dr. Hien Chi Ngo

Validation of a novel in-situ method of cultivating oral biofilms to study dental caries (37,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hien Chi Ngo        

Use of mental health services among adult population in Sharjah (24,300 AED)
PI: Dr. Ibrahim Eltayeb

Role of miRNA-16 Expression in Cutaneous T- cell Lymphomas (CTCLs) and its Relation to Apoptosis Related Genes (bc12,survivin) (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Iman Ahmed Mamdouh Talaat Aly 

Exploring molecular mechanisms regulating B-cell function (74,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Jalal Taneera

Role of estrogen and intracellular iron content in pancreatic β-cell function   "a new potential player in insulin secretion”  (189,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Jalal Taneera

Feasibility and Accuracy of Tooth Preparation Using an Automated Robotic Technology (38,000 AED)
PI: Dr. MHD Adel Moufti

Study of the Effect of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting on Oxidative Stresss, Body Adiposity and Metabolic Markers as Affected by SIRT3 gene Expression in Metabolic Syndrome Patients (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mo'ez Al-Islam E. Faris

The role of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchors in modulating innate host immune responses in Aspergillus fumigatus infection (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammed Al Bataineh

Mithochondrial Targeting therapy for airway remodeling (200,000 AED)
PI: Prof. Qutayba Hamid 

A cross sectional study on smoking behavior and cessation : the role of precipitation factors and intention among university students (10,199 AED)
PI: Dr. Saravanan Coumaravelou

Assessment of the potential of LPS-activated human macrophages and T cells co-cultured with Dental Pulp Stem cells (DPSc) to regulate cytokine production" (195,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Vellore Kannan Gopinath  

Molecular study of colon and Breast Cancer Development in Obesity (200,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Wael Abdel‑Rahman Hassan

Injectable Hydrogels as Stem Cell Seeding Scaffolds for Temporomandibular Joint Tissue Engineering (80,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Wael Talaat Taha

Internal Funding 2015-2016

Healthcare system capacity to deliver apporopriate healthcare for people with multimorbidity and polypharmacy in UAE (27,500 AED)
PI: Dr. Hamzah Tareq
Helicobter Pylori Infection in United Arab Emirates : Prevalence & Risk Factors (39,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Ghalia Khoder

Assessing Water Quality in Building Water Storege Tanks in Selected Areas of Sharjah (32,000AED) 
PI: Dr. Lucy Semerjian

Discovery of novel natural medicines for candida systemic infection (36,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Sameh Soliman

Relationships of Vitamin D, VDR polymorphism and adipokines and their effects on the oral health in Metabolic Syndrome (94,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hayder Abbas Hasan    

Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological evaluation of Tyrosine and Tyramine prodrugs as candidates for Parkinson disease treatment (77,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammad Harb Semreen   

Analysis of the Pathways to Colorectal Carcinogenesis and Metastasis by Bisphenol A (135,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Wael Abdel‑Rahman Hassan

A Micro-Computed Tomography Study of the Internal Topography of Apical Constriction in Mandibular Incisros: Definition, Size, Form, Location, Canal, Configurations and Extensions (20,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mehmet Omer Gorduysus 

Study the Molecular Changes Associated with the Dietary Chemoprevention of Camel Milk (Camelus Dromedarius ) against Azoxymethane-Induced Colorectal Cancer in Ficher 344 Rat Model (20,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mo'ez Al-Islam E. Faris

Investigating the role of ShcD in cancer cell migration and invasion (20,000 AED)
PI: Dr.  Samrein Ahmed 

Effect of Different Exercise Intensities on  Coagulation Factors and Selected Cardiovascular Parameters  in Postmenopausal Women     (53,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Abeer Ahmed Abdelhamed

Food safety Risk-assessment skills of public and privatefoeed safety Controllers in the Emirate of sharjah, UAE (60,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Nazik eltayedb

M1/M2 macrophage subpopulation interchanges, Can the good macrophages harnessed ? (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Mohammad G Mohammad

Synthesis and Characterization of DNA-binding ligands as potintial antibacterial and anticancer agents (40,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Hasan Yaser Alniss

Evaluation of Signaling pathways that regulate ABC Transporters Activity at the Blood-Brain Barrier in Immature Brain (40,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Rania Harati

Validity of Normative Cut-offs and Sex Differences of the weinstein Enhanced Sensory Test Device Measuring Touch Threshold in UAE Population (22,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Zakir Uddin