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Molecular Medicine Program

Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine and Translational Research

SIMR is the hub of the University of Sharjah Master and Ph.D. programs in Molecular Medicine and Translational Research. Students from these programs exploit the state-of-the-art facilities to train in research methodologies and critical thinking specifically using techniques in molecular biology, pharmacology, tissue culture and microscopy. The Graduate Programs are interdisciplinary programs and promotes collaborative interactions. The program trains graduate students to investigate human diseases through a process of integrating information across several cutting-edge biomedical research disciplines. Our graduates possess a breadth of understanding for the mechanisms underlying human diseases, oupled with intensive integrative research training; this positions our graduates for success in a wide range of career opportunities.

The Master and PhD programs have obtained initial accreditation from the commission of academic accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in January 2011. The first cohort of MSc students was accepted in September 2011. The program is under the College of Medicine while the teaching laboratories, student projects' facility and big part of the lectures take place at SIMR. Teaching at the program is shared by faculty members from College of Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, and Department of Applied Biology/Biotechnology, College of Sciences.​