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MVE Biological Solutions

Virtual - MS Teams 3 MAR 20212 PM

MVE Biological Solutions


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MVE Biological Solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new MVE Fusion™ Freezer Series. The New Self‐sustaining cryogenic storage system.

The MVE Fusion™ Series – the future of cold storage – was met with high praise by its peers

at the International Society For Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) conference in

Toronto, Canada. The new freezer, which made its debut on the market in the spring of 2017, was honoured with the 2017 Outstanding New Product Award which recognizes a product for its technical innovation and originality, anticipated impact and value, data to support the position and viability of the product, and the anticipated market demand.

This new addition to the Chart's biomedical portfolio includes a stainless steel tank line designed to

provide long‐term dry storage using minimal liquid nitrogen (LN2) and electricity. Once initially charged, the MVE Fusion maintains the temperature profile with little or no additional liquid nitrogen.

Because the MVE Fusion is self‐sustaining it operates as a stand‐alone unit and requires no ongoing

liquid nitrogen supply or piping to a liquid nitrogen supply source which can translate into significant

cost savings over the long term to an organization. For this reason it is the perfect solution for sites with limited access to liquid nitrogen delivery, such as remote geographical locations or rooms in isolated areas throughout a facility.

 The MVE Fusion provides an easy solution to those customers who have multiple facility locations and are challenged logistically in providing a standard nitrogen tank to each of these sites,

MVE Fusion offers a solution with greater thermal protection than mechanical freezers while requiring no regular ongoing liquid nitrogen and minimal electrical requirements.

Using Chart's patented Qdrive cryo‐cooler technology, the MVE Fusion provides constant, reliable cold storage in the tank. In the event of a power outage, the energy‐efficient tank has a 7‐9 day hold time.

Dry storage helps reduce the potential of cross contamination by eliminating the liquid nitrogen

variable, further protecting valuable samples. Available in the 1500 model, the MVE Fusion has

capacities up to 31,200 1.2 and 2 mL vials.

The high‐quality construction of Chart MVE's stainless steel tanks provide secure storage, extended hold times, two tier folding step, and an ergonomic design with the lowest lift‐over heights on the market. The MVE Fusion provides all these, with the additional benefits of reduced LN2 usage, remote location capabilities, no required vacuum pipping, and low energy use.


Jean-Marc is bi-national, American and French, with a multi-cultural background, he has a degree in economics, and computer science as well as an MBA. He started his career in finance, working at Credit Lyonnais and American Express, setting up their overseas branch offices, as well as becoming their specialist in profitability. He was then hired away to work in industry, where he ran a large division in technical ceramics. He later discovered his entrepreneurial talents where he created a company in France, for a privately held US group, developing sales all over Europe in the B2B segment of industry, obtaining the highest profitability world-wide for the group. He has run and turned around a number of diverse companies, as CEO of: Mission (high end electronics) in the UK, MPH (oil&gas), in Bahrain, and the Provencal (luxury property) in Monaco. His background in technical ceramics led him to working in the medical field, developing business around the world. He founded AksoDynamic to assist large companies develop products, and patented a surgical product. He currently is responsible for developing the business across EMEA for MVE Biological Solutions.

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