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RIMHS RGs Meeting- Establishment of Sharjah Oasis Technology Park-SOTI

Virtual - MS Teams 25 FEB 202112 PM

RIMHS RGs Meeting- Establishment of Sharjah Oasis Technology Park-SOTI

You are cordially invited to attend a virtual meeting via MS Teams on Thursday, February 25th from 12 noon to 2:30pm to discuss the establishment of SOTI, A Technology and Innovation Park that the UOS putting it on its top agenda to establish it.
Please find attached the agenda.

The purpose of this meeting will be:

  1. Setting out the appropriate model of your research group engagement in SOTI.
  2. Deciding on the key dimensions of projects that the RIMHS RGs contributes to SOTI, what to aim for and how to achieve it. This is the time to shape this park which will include the participation of different industry players and international collaborators and partners.
  3. Discuss the key ingredients of the SOTI and the different models of the RIMHS-RGs  engagement.
  4. Foremost we will discuss engagement of our collaborators/partners –like hospitals, particularly those that are research-based, large enterprises/industries, especially those which devote significant resources to research and development (R&D.
  5. The constituent parts of SOTI, including:
    •  Undertaking basic, strategic and applied research – thereby generating technology and innovation as potential for startups.
    • Encourage the creation of spin-out companies – especially those RGs applied for patents/ or working on to file patents.
    • Establishment of Clinical trial and quality assurance center of excellent
    • Other ideas people would like to explore

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Agenda for RIMHS RGs Meeting-SOTI.pdf

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