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“Evidence-based application of stem cells”

Virtual - MS Teams 3 FEB 20212 PM

"Evidence-based application of stem cells"

By Prof. Michael Georg Krueger

Founder and CEO of Oxacell AG, Germany


Date/Time:  Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 2:00PM
Venue: MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting



In the past years, profound stem cell research has revealed several promising features of mesenchymal stroma cells (MSCs), qualifying them for clinical application in cell-based therapies for various diseases. These features do not only comprise the MSC's regenerative properties, based on their ability to differentiate into diverse cell lineages enabling tissue repair, MSC's also harbor a huge immunoregulatory potential by balancing the immune system during disease. These findings have advanced stem cell research towards the development of various cell-based therapies, involving not only tissue formation and repair, but also therapies exploiting the immunomodulatory potential of MSCs to fight inflammatory, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Our aim:

Based on the knowledge stem cell research has gained during more than 60 years of investigation and treatment, our target is to develop drugs to treat disease(s) which are currently not curable.


Our approach:

Isolation of Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) in GMP-compliant facilities for local and systemic administration starting with autologous therapies (Osteoarthritis) to systemic treatment (Acute Liver Failure ALF).


Our USPs:

No adverse effects have been observed in treated patients up to now.

Patented formulation for preservation of MSCs without cryopreservation for 7 days without any loss of function –so we are not forced to treat with thawed cells.

As a medical doctor and manufacturer of stem cells I am allowed to treat patients due to my "freedom of treatment".


Our Vision/outlook:

We believe i.v. administration of MSCs could be a therapeutic option for treatment of COVID 19 patients, as severe complications of this disease are similar to the multi-organ-failure, which we already successfully treated in acute liver failure.

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