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Externally funded projects

RIMHS External Research Projects (2013-2021)

External Funding 2020-2021

Al Jalila Foundation 

Development of Novel Therapeutics for the Treatment of COVID-19: Targeting the SARS-CoV-2 Protease, Spike RBD protein and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Enzyme.(500,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Taleb H. Al-Tel 

Determining Inborn Errors of Immunity associated with Life-threating SARS-CoV-2 infections in previously healthy young individuals (499,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Rabih Halwani

Synthesis and Optimization of Smart Multifunctional Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications (400,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Bashar Afif Issa

Sandooq Al Watan 

“Design and development of a dual inhibitor to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)”- Ref. SWARD-S20-005 (500,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Sameh Soliman

“Development of Novel Aptamer-Based Biosensor for Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Protein in Nasopharyngeal Swabs of COVID-19 Patients.” - Ref. SWARD-S20-007 (258,520 AED)

PI: Prof. Rabih Halwani

External Funding 2019-2020


Combined inhibition of Insulin Growth Factor 1 Receptors and Autophagy to Prevent Colorectal Cancer Metastasis:A Novel Therapeutic Approach (300,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Maha Mohamed Saber

Expo 2020

Worker Wellness Wearable Program (805,959 AED)

PI: Arwa Al-Shujairi


Novel Approaches towards the Discovery of Drugs for the Treatment of Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer  (19,064 AED)
PI: Prof. Taleb H. Al-Tel

External Funding 2018-2019

The TerryFox Foundation

Restoring MicroRNA-101 and MicroRNA-26b Expression to Suppress Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis (300,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Rania Harati

Role of Natural Killer Cells in Suppressing and/or Eradicating Hepatic Metastases in NOG Mice. Involvement of Chemokine/Chemokine Receptors axis (200,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Azzam A. Magazachi

Discovery of Novel Anticancer Lead Drug Candidates with Dual Inhibition of Thioredoxin and Glutathione Redox Systems: A Potential Novel Treatment Modality for Cancer (300,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Taleb H. Al-Tel

Al Jalila Foundation  

Investigating the role of FOS and BECLIN1-inducing autophagy in pathogenesis of hypoglycemia-associated autonomic failure in diabetes (AJF2018082) (290,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Bashair Mussa 

Estrogen-induced epigenetic regulation of Iron metabolism in hepatocellular carcinoma (AJF2018036) (292,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Jibran Sualeh Muhammad

Deciphering mechanisms of Triple Negative Breast Cancer resistance to PI3K inhibitors (AJF2018090) (300,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Mohamed Rahmani

Metabolic Reprogramming as a Novel Approach to Sensitize Cancer Cells to Immunotherapy (AJF2018050) (290,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Hany Omar

The Effects of Dokha Smoking on Health in UAE Population (AJF2018014) (285,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Sausan AL Kawas

Deciphering the immunological mechanism involved in early lung cancer in the UAE population (AJF2018113) (300,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Saba Al Heialy, Co-PI: Dr. Rifat Akram Hamoudi

The role of therapeutic implication of cyclin-dependant kinases 4 & 6 in colorectal cancer patients in the UAE (AJF2018112) (298,500 AED)

PI: Dr. Riyad Bendardf 

Hamdan Medical Award

Genetic and Molecular Characterization of recurrent triple negative breast cancer in UAE population. (280,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Mohamed Rahmani

An epidemiological study to evaluate the levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide amongst midwakh users in the UAE (183,250 AED)

PI: Dr. Basema Saddik

Islamic Development Bank, IsDB Fund

Discovery of first-In-Class lead drug candidates for the treatment of multidrug resistant bacteria (3,600,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Taleb Al Tel

UAE Astronaut Program

Elucidating the impact(s) of spaceflight on circulatory vascular function: clinical, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics parameters

PI: Dr. Adel Elmoselhi 

Harvard University 

Implementing diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk screening program in community pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates(77,200 AED)

PI: Dr. Hamza Alzubaidi

Sorbonne University Abudhabi 

The Role of Respiratory Microbiota in Asthma Pathogenesis and Management (312,000 AED)
Dr. Mohammed Al Bataineh

American University of Sharjah (AUS)

Early Age Health Literacy and Dietary Choices as Investment in Human Capital: An Experimental Study among UAE School Children (211,176 AED)
PI: Dr. Hadia Mohammad Radwan 

National Anti Doping Committee

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Doping in the UAE  (50,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Nabil Sulaiman

External Funding 2017-2018

Al Jalila Foundation  

Clinical and economical evaluation of a community mental health support service for children and adolescents with chronic conditions in the UAE (125,250 AED)

PI: Dr. Nabeel Al Yateem

Controlled release of tyrosine kinase inhibitors-loaded nanoparticles from thermosensitive injectable hydrogel scaffolds (300,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Mohamad Haider

All new diabetics in Sharjah & Ajman (ANDISA): An epidemiological and genetic study toward individualized medicine (phase II) (295,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Nabil Sulaiman

Role of Galanin/Galanin Receptor signaling as a potential novel therapeutic target for colo-rectal cancer with mutant p53 (293,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Maha Mohamed Saber

The role of HER2, estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast cancer pathogenesis within the UAE population (298,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Rifat Akram Hamoudi

Design and synthesis of novel indole derivatives as potential anticancer agents (280,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Mohammed I El-Gamal

Molecular and metabolic signature of the iron store in pancreatic B-cells (289,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Jalal Taneera

Characterization of an in-vitro Three Dimensional Cell Culture System for Adipogenesis as a model for Anti-Obesity Drugs Testing (269,400 AED)
PI: Dr. 
Ahmed el-Serafy

American University of Beirut

Feeding Infants and Toddler Study (FITS) and the Kids Nutrition and Health Survey (KNHS) in the UAE (118,493 AED)
PI: Dr. Leila Cheikh Ismail

Faizal & Shahbana Research Fund

Design and Discovery of Lead Drug Candidates: targeting alzheimers and cancer diseases (100,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Taleb Al Tel

Sharjah Research Academy (SRA)

Understanding the molecular mechanism of asthma using systems engineering approach (192,500 AED)

PI: Dr. Rifat Akram Hamoudi

External Funding 2016-2017

Al Jalila Foundation 

Studying the phosphorylation status of ShcD in melanoma upon oxidative stress: An evidence for new therapeutic target in melanoma (270,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Samrein Ahmed

Energy Restriction as a Novel Approach Targeting Cancer Stem Cells Multi-drug Resistance (273,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Hany Omar

Stress and Women's Health: A Population-Based Study on Prevalence of Stress, Its Determinants, Its Association to Quality of Sleep, Physical Activity, Dietary Habits among Healthy Adult Women Living in The United Arab Emirates (283,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Wegdan Bani Issa

Evaluating the Anti-Carcinogenic Potential of Biologically-Driven Intracellular Iron Depletion (290,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Mawieh Abdel Haq

External Funding 2015-2016

Al Jalila Foundation 

Assessing Mental Health Literacy in healthcare professionals working with children and adolescents with chronic illnesses (62,800AED)
PI: Dr. Nabeel Al Yateem

Oral Health related quality of life among Type 2 diabetic Arab patients in the UAE (227,840 AED)

PI: Dr. Manal Awad

Targeting Breast and Prostate Cancer: Design and Synthesis of Novel and Privileged polycyclic pyrido[1,2-a]quinolinones, Benzopyranes and Benzoxepines Motifs (266,000AED)

PI: Prof. Taleb Al Tel


Impact of feeding patterns on adiposity and cardiometabolic markers in baby and mother: a prospective cohort study  (2,111,67 AED)
PI: Dr. Hadia Mohammad Radwan 

Hamdan Medical Award

National Diabetes and Lifestyle Survey
PI: Prof. Nabil Sulaiman

External Funding 2014-2015

Al Jalila Foundation 

Project3-5-Aminosalysilate-4-thiazolinone hybrid derivatives as novel anticancer agents: molecular mechanisms and in-vivo safety and activity (300,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Rafaat Al Awady

OSU-2S Combinatorial Approach, the Next Level in Tackling Cancer Cell Survival (245,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Hany Omar

Molecular Mechanismsof induction of breast and colon cancer by commonenvironmental toxins (300,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Wael Abdel‑Rahman Hassan

GlaxoSmithKline Export Limited

Project3-5-Aminosalysilate-4-thiazolinone hybrid derivatives as novel anticancer agents: molecular mechanisms and in-vivo safety and activity (950,000 AED)
PI: Dr. Manal Awad

External Funding 2013-2014

The TerryFox Foundation

The Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research: Synthesis of Anti-cancer Scaffolds (490,000 AED)

PI: Prof. Taleb H. Al-Tel

Impact of genetic instability on tumor progression and resistance to cytotoxic Treatment: role of p53, wnt signalling and their interaction with antiapoptotic factors (120,000 AED)

PI: Dr. Wael Abdel‑Rahman Hassan