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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Research Institute of Medical & Health Sciences (RIMHS) at the University of Sharjah. The Institute is an integral part of the UOS Vice Chancellor's Office for Research. RIMHS is at the cusp of a new era of cutting-edge research that capitalizes on the innovative and resourceful faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences and biotechnology. Biomedical research at RIMHS is a multidisciplinary scientific enterprise that focuses on targeted drug discovery, neuro-pharmacology, cancer research, diabetes, immunology and toxicology among other fields of local and regional interest.

The last three decades, which have witnessed breathtaking advances in biomedicine, have laid the foundation for ever-more ambitious and sophisticated basic and pre-clinical research which holds the potential for far-reaching implications in healthcare, the economy and social norms.  The fast pace of biomedical research therefore is providing for a deeper understanding of health and disease and hence promises to significantly improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of various disease states.  At the same time, it carries with it significant challenges especially in societies where scientific research is a recent arrival.  In that, the human capital needed to undertake productive research needs to be created from scratch.  Therefore, RIMHS is focusing intensely on rooting a culture of science and scientific research on our campus.  Hence, the center is involved in continuous training of undergraduate and graduate students, junior technicians and researchers on the latest in biomedical research.  It is also acting as a catalyst for an atmosphere of open and free exchange of ideas and expertise among research institutions within the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.  Furthermore, it periodically receives scientists of international status as speakers and visiting scholars. 

As the director of RIMHS, and with the support of the UOS Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of research, ​as well as my colleagues at RIMHS, I'll do my utmost to help and support all investigators affiliated with RIMHS and other interested academic and research units at our campus.  Engagement of faculty and students with the culture of science we are all working so hard to sow on our campus and interaction with and service of the local community are ideals we strive to nurture.  Only through the sincere efforts of people and entities can the shared and noble goal of making RIMHS a beckon of  discovery and innovation be realized.  


Taleb H. Al-Tel,
Director of the Research Institute of Medical & Health Sciences